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       gifflip  -  A  program  to flip (mirror) GIF file along X or Y axes, or
       rotate the GIF file 90 degrees to the left or to the right.


       gifflip [-q] [-r] [-l] [-x] [-y] [-h] gif-file

       If no gif-file is given, GifFlip will try  to  read  a  GIF  file  from




               Quiet  mode.  Default  off  on  MSDOS, on under UNIX.  Controls
              printout of running scan lines.  Use -q- to invert.

               Rotate the GIF file to the right.

               Rotate the GIF file to the left.

               Mirror the GIF file along the X axis.  Very useful if GIF  file
              was  created  from  another  format in with the first line in at
              image bottom.  Effectively exchanges first row with last.

               Mirror the GIF file along Y axis.  Effectively exchanges  first
              column with last.

               Print one line of command line help, similar to Usage above.


       Gershon Elber

       Man  page  created by T.Gridel <>, originally written by
       Eric S. Raymond <>

                                 giflib-tools                       gifflip(1)