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       ftptop - display running status on proftpd server connections




       The  ftptop  command  displays  the current status of FTP sessions in a
       continuously updating top like format.


       -D          Filter the display to show sessions that are downloading.

       -S          Specify the ServerName for a  specific  virtual  host.   If
                   used,  ftptop will only show sessions for the given virtual

       -d          Specify the delay, in seconds, between  display  refreshes.
                   The  default  is  2  seconds.  Only values between 0 and 15
                   seconds are accepted.

       -f          Specify the full path to proftpd’s run-time scoreboard file
                   (configured    via    the   ScoreboardFile   directive   in
                   proftpd.conf).  If proftpd’s  default  directory  has  been
                   changed   via   this   directive,  ftptop  must  either  be
                   recompiled or this option must be used  in  order  to  find
                   proftpd’s   scoreboard.    -h   Display   a   short   usage
                   description, including all available options.

       -I          Filter the display to show sessions that are idle.

       -i          Filter the display to hide sessions that are idle.

       -U          Filter the display to show sessions that are uploading.

       -V          Print out the version of ftptop and quit.

       While ftptop is running, hit the ’q’ key to quit.  The ’t’ key  toggles
       between  display  modes.  Currently there are two display modes: normal
       and transfer speed modes.




       ProFTPD is written and maintained by a number of people,  full  credits
       can be found on



       Full  documentation  on  ProFTPD,  including configuration and FAQs, is
       available at

       For  help/support,  try  the  ProFTPD  mailing   lists,   detailed   on

       Report bugs at

                                  March 2003                         ftptop(1)