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       fsacls - manage file system ACLs
              This  module provides a graphical interface to managing the file
              system Access Control Lists  (or  ACLs)  that  provide  fine\fB-
              grained control over access to file system objects.

              The script., like SADMS, requires GTK.

              You can directly run ./ or fsacls or from the SADMS menu.

              For ACLs to be effective,

                     o  the kernel must be  recompiled  with  the  ACL  patch,
                        unless it is included in the distribution

                     o  the  file  system  must  support ACLs (ext3, reiserfs,
                        xfs, ...) and be mounted with the proper options

                     o  the getfacl and setfacl utilities must be available

                               February 02, 2008                     fsacls(1)