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       fmit - Free Music Instrument Tuner


       There are no command line options.


       The  Free  Music  Instrument  Tuner  (fmit)  is a graphical sofware for
       tuning your music instrument using QT as gui library.
       For the sound input library you can choise to use ALSA or JACK.
       fmit contain all features of a standard hardware instrument tuner.

       You choise the tuning frequency corresponding at your tuning note,  and
       when you play it, fmit display your error margin.

       Other views are availables, corresponding to more advanced and specific
       features like a microtonal tuning with more precision about  you  error
       margin, and a view of the harmonics ratio.
       Currently 6 views are availables:

       1   A small view of the captured sound.
       2   An history of the pitch error.
       3   An history of the sound volume.
       4   The shape of the wave-length.
       5   Harmonics ratio (the formants).
       6   A microtonal tuning view.


       Please  send  bug  reports  or  any other feedback to the fmit mailing-
        <> : For bug reports and other problems.
        <> : For CVS commits.
       Or contact Gilles DEGOTTEX <>.


       fmit    is    written    and    maintained    by    Gilles     DEGOTTEX


       fmit can be found at:


       Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Gilles DEGOTTEX <>
       Licensed under the GNU Public License V2.

       This manual page was written by Ludovic RESLINGER <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                August 13, 2006                        fmit(1)