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       flipbook - multi-frame editor and viewer derived from drawtool


       flipbook [-bookgeom] [-slideshow sec] [X-params] [file]


       flipbook  is a program derived from idraw/drawtool that supports multi-
       frame graphic display.  The zeroth  frame  is  always  visible  as  the
       background  frame, and in front of it is displayed the current frame (1
       thru n).

       The Frame menu controls the frame display  mechanism.   The  operations

       Menu Item       Keyboard        Description
       -------------- --------  -----------
       Move Forward   ^F              move forward one frame
       Move Backward  ^B              move backward one frame
       Goto First Frame                move to the first frame
       Goto Last Frame                 move to the last frame
       New Forward      F              create new frame in front of the current
                                       frame and make it the current frame
       New Backward     B              create new frame in back of the current
                                       frame and make it the current frame
       Copy Forward     X              copy current frame in front of itself
       Copy Backward    Y              copy current frame in back of itself
       Delete           D              delete current frame (the zeroth frame
                                       can never be deleted)

       By  default  a  flipbook document is positioned on the first frame when
       opened (if one exists).  "Move Backward" can be used  to  move  to  the
       background  frame  when  positioned on the first frame.  "Move Forward"
       then returns to the first frame.

       The New command creates a document with only a background  frame.   The
       "New  After"  command  can  then  be used to initialize the first frame
       ("New Before" does not work when the current frame  is  the  background

       flipbook save/restores its documents with a document format specific to
       flipbook (and possibly programs derived from flipbook).   Idraw  format
       drawings  can  be  imported via the "Import Graphic" command (under the
       File menu).  The rest of the flexibile import mechanism of drawtool  is
       supported   as  well.   "Export  Graphic"  exports  currently  selected
       graphics in idraw or drawtool format.  The  Print  command  (under  the
       File  menu)  generates  a  multi-page Postscript document, one page per
       frame except for the zeroth frame which is always the background.


       "-bookgeom" brings up the flipbook in landscape mode, with a 906 by 700
       pixel page size.  Useful for viewing illustrated books prepared in this

       "-slideshow sec" continuously plays the contents  of  a  flipbook  file
       with  "sec"  delay  between frames (currently only available when built
       with ACE).

       Also see "-help" for more options, and the comdraw, drawtool, and idraw
       man pages.


            drawtool, idraw