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       fenix - development environment for making 2D games


       Fenix   is  an  interpreted  script  programming  language,  especially
       designed to developing and running 2D games.  It  has  a  full  graphic
       library,  sound  engine  and  full featured 2D game engine, making game
       development extremely easy.

       Its major features include:
         *  Fast  sprite  blitting  with  rotation,  scaling,  animation   and
         * Pixel perfect collision check
         * Native PNG graphic support
         * Parallax (2 planes) automated scroll routines
         * Multiple clipping regions with or without scroll support
         * MOD/XM/S3M/IT support through MIKMod
         * Keyboard, mouse and joystick controller support
         * 8 and 16 bits per pixel color depths
         * Support for many different architectures
         * Basic Pathfind routines
         * Blendops in 16 bit color depth
         * OGG sound support
         * Interface for custom extensions
         * Easy to learn

       Fenix  is  distributed under GNU General Public License, so it’s source
       code is available to anyone who wants to get it, extend it or change it
       in any way fitting his/her own purpose.


       Fenix consists of the following programs:

         * fenix-fxc - compiler
         * fenix-fxi - interpreter
         * fenix-fpg - create packages of multiple images
         * fenix-map - convert images to fenix native format (map)

       Aditionally,  a  binary program called just fenix will compile the game
       and execute the resulting bytecode "on the fly".


       fenix-fxc(1), fenix-fxi(1), fenix-fpg(1), fenix-map(1)

                                     0.92a                            fenix(1)