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       ethstats — Quickly display statistics of network interfaces




       The  ethstats  utility  is  a  quick  way  to display network interface
       statistics.  After invoking the command the following information  will
       appear  every  10  seconds for each interface and a line with totals of
       all interfaces:

       eth0:    1.00 Mb/s In     1.15 Mb/s Out -      1032.0 p/s In 2300.0 p/s

       The  data  shown is in and out speeds in megabits per second and in and
       out counts for packets per second.  This data is obtained by  comparing
       /proc/net/dev each sampling. (Therefore, this tool is Linux specific)

       This  application  was released from an unknown source via Drew Strieb.
       This manpage was written by Scott Dier (


       Released into the public domain.

       Any changes made by Drew Strieb are released into the public domain.

       This documentation is public domain.

See Also

       Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt in the Linux kernel documentation