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       eruby - Embedded Ruby Language


       eruby [options] [inputfile]


       eruby  interprets  a  Ruby  code embedded text file. For example, eruby
       enables you to embed a Ruby code to a HTML file.  A Ruby  block  starts
       with ‘<%’ and ends with ‘%>’. eRuby replaces the block with its output.
       If ‘<%’ is followed by ‘=’, eRuby replaces the block with  a  value  of
       the  block.   If  ‘<%’  is  followed  by ‘#’, the block is ignored as a


       -d, --debug
              set debugging flags (set $DEBUG to true)

              specifies KANJI (Japanese) code-set

       -Mmode specifies runtime mode
                  f: filter mode
                  c: CGI mode
                  n: NPH-CGI mode

       -C charset
              specifies charset parameter for Content-Type

       -n, --noheader
              disables CGI header output

       -v, --verbose
              enables verbose mode

              print version information and exit


       Shugo Maeda <>

                                September 2000                        eruby(1)