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       EiskaltDC++  -  graphical  client  for  Direct  Connect  which  uses Qt


       eiskaltdcpp <magnet link> <dchub://link> <adc(s)://link>
       eiskaltdcpp <Key>


       EiskaltDC++ is a program for UNIX-like systems  that  uses  the  Direct
       Connect  and ADC protocol. It is compatible with other DC clients, such
       as the original DC from Neomodus,  DC++  and  derivatives.  EiskaltDC++
       also interoperates with all common DC hub software.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -h,  --help
              display help and exit

       -v,  --version
              output version information and exit


       Ctrl+O Open options window

       Ctrl+L Open own filelist

       Ctrl+E Refresh share

       Ctrl+R Reconnect to hub

       Ctrl+N Quick connect

       Ctrl+H Favourite hubs

       Ctrl+P Public hubs

       Ctrl+U Favourite users

       Ctrl+T Show/hide transfers widget

       Ctrl+D Show/hide downloads queue widget

       Ctrl+S Open search widget

       Ctrl+F Show/hide find or filter frame

       Ctrl+A Select all

       Ctrl+W Close current widget

       Ctrl+M Show/hide main menu

              Switch  to  the  next  widget. Available only if widget panel is
              used, not working in mode of sidebar.

              Switch to the previous widget. Available only if widget panel is
              used, not working in mode of sidebar.

       Ctrl++ Zoom in text in the chat

       Ctrl+- Zoom out text in the chat

              Change font size in the chat

              Go  to  one  of  the first ten widgets. Available only if widget
              panel is used, not working in mode of sidebar.

       Esc    Hide  find  or  filter  frame.  Also  it  close  dialog  window.
              Otherwise hide main window in tray (if tray icon is enabled)

       Del    Delete selected items. Now available in Download Queue widget.


       /aspell  on/off  -  enable/disable  spell checking (only if program was
       build with aspell support)
       /alias <ALIAS_NAME>::<COMMAND> - make alias /ALIAS_NAME to /COMMAND
           For example, command
           /alias amarok::/sh /usr/share/eiskaltdcpp/examples/
           will create alias /amarok
       /alias purge <ALIAS_NAME> - remove alias
       /alias list - list all aliases
       /away <message> - set away-mode on/off
       /back - set away-mode off
       /browse <nick> - browse user files
       /clear - clear chat window
       /magnet - default action with magnet (0-ask, 1-search, 2-download)
       /close - close this hub
       /fav - add this hub to favorites
       /grant <nick> - grant extra slot to user
       /help, /?, /h - show help
       /info <nick> - show info about user
       /me - say a third person
       /pm <nick> - begin private chat with user
       /sh <command> - start command and redirect output to the chat
       /ws <option> [value] -  edit  config  (~/.eiskaltdc++/EiskaltDC++.xml),
       also you can edit it manually
           For example:
           /ws chat-dbl-click-action <0-2> (double click)
           /ws chat-mdl-click-action <0-2> (middle click)
           (0  - insert nick into input widget, 1 - get file list, 2 - private
           /ws app-unit-base <1024 or 1000> (show kibibyte (KiB)  or  kilobyte
       (KB), etc.)
           /ws  chat-timestamp  <hh:mm:ss,  hh:mm,  hh  and  etc.>  (set  chat


       ~/.eiskaltdc++          or          ~/.config/eiskaltdc++/           or
              Directory with configuration files

              Directory with examples of custom scripts (see /sh chat command)


       This program was written by Andrey Karlov <>.
       EiskaltDC++ homepage:


       If   you   find   a   bug   in   EiskaltDC++  please  report  it  here:

       This manual page was written by Boris Pek <>  for  the
       Debian project (and may be used by others).

                                  20 May 2010                   eiskaltdcpp(1)