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       dotextwrap  -  line-folding  (text-wrapping)  filter  program with i18n


       dotextwrap [<columns> [<tabs> [<header1> [<header2>]]]]


       dotextwrap is a small filter to wrap text or fold lines.  Text-wrapping
       means  formatting  a  given text by adding newline characters at proper
       positions so that the text fits the given width (or number of  columns)
       of the terminal.

       Since  this  is  a  filter,  it reads from standard input and writes to
       standard output.

       Unlike other softwares, this supports internationalization.

       At first, this automatically detects the current  LC_CTYPE  locale  and
       follows it.

       Next,  this  supports multibyte encodings such as UTF-8 and EUC-JP.  In
       multibyte encodings, one character consists from one or more bytes.

       Third,  this  supports  fullwidth  characters  such  as  CJK  Ideogram,
       Katakana,  Hiragana,  and  Hangul.  These characters occupy two columns
       per one character on the terminal.

       Forth, this supports combining characters such as Thai and accents  for
       Latin  scripts.  These characters occupy zero columns per one character
       on the terminal.

       Fifth, this supports languages which do  not  use  whitespaces  between
       words.   In  these  languages,  lines  can be folded at any places with
       small amount of exception (such as before commas).


       Manual pages of textwrap(3), setlocale(3), locale(7), charsets(7),  and


       Tomohiro KUBOTA <>.

                                  2003-08-24                     dotextwrap(1)