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       dfits - display FITS file header information


       dfits [-x xtnum] <list>
       dfits [-x xtnum] -


       dfits  displays  FITS header informations on stdout. Header information
       can be found in the main header only (default), in  extensions,  or  in
       both.   See  the  -x  option  below.   dfits  accepts multi-file input.
       ’dfits -’ expects single file  data  coming  from  stdin.   dfits  also
       accepts  now  ’HDR’ files. These are identified from the fact that they
       contain a line feed in one of the 80 first characters.


       -x xtnum
              Specifies the extension to print out.  Extensions  are  numbered
              starting  from 1. If this option is not specified, only the main
              header is printed out. If this  option  specifies  an  extension
              that does not exist, nothing is printed out.
              Specify  0 as extension number to get a print of the main header
              plus all extension headers.

       Examples :
       dfits *.fits
       dfits *.fits | grep NAXIS3
       gzip -d < star.fits.gz | dfits - | more
       dfits -x 0 *.fits
       dfits -x 3 *.fits


       fitsort can be combined with dfits output to sort out keyword values of
       a group of FITS files.


       Files shall all comply with FITS format

                                  30 Mar 2000                         dfits(1)