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       desmume-cli - Nintendo DS emulator


       desmume-cli [options] files...


       This manual page documents briefly the desmume-cli program

       desmume is a Nintendo DS emulator running homebrew demos and commercial


       These programs follow the usual GNU  command  line  syntax,  with  long
       options  starting  with  two  dashes  (‘-’).   A  summary of options is
       included below.

              Loads savegame from slot NUM

              Disables the sound emulation

              Disables the 60 fps limiter

              Select available 3d emulation:
              0 = 3d disabled
              1 = internal desmume software rasterizer (default)

              Enables using OpenGL for screen rendering

              Use software colour conversion during OpenGL  screen  rendering.
              May produce better or worse frame rates depending on hardware.

              Enable the ARM9 GDB stub on the given port

              Enable the ARM7 GDB stub on the given port

              Select savetype from the following:
              0 = Autodetect
              1 = EEPROM 4kbit
              2 = EEPROM 64kbit
              3 = EEPROM 512kbit
              4 = FRAM 256kbit
              5 = FLASH 2mbit
              6 = FLASH 4mbit

              Set the language in the firmware, LANG as follows:
              0 = Japanese
              1 = English
              2 = French
              3 = German
              4 = Italian
              5 = Spanish

              Enable disk image GBAMP compact flash emulation

       --help Show summary of options.

              Show version of program.

       Some   options   may   be   unavailable,   depending   on  compile-time
       configuration, for instance gdb stubs and opengl.


       Mouse cursor acts as stylus, mouse click replaces stylus touch.

       Keyboard is configured as follows:
              F1-F10 load savegame from slot 1-10
              Shift+F1-F10 save game to slot 1-10
              Non-keypad arrows act as d-pad
              z = A
              x = B
              a = Y
              s = X
              q = L
              w = R
              Enter = START
              Left Shift = SELECT


       desmume        was        written        by        DeSmuME         team

       This  manual  page was written by Pascal Giard <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                 June 26, 2007                      DESMUME(1)