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       condor_transfer_data - transfer spooled data


       condor_transfer_data [ -help -version ]

       condor_transfer_data  [ -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber] -name
       scheddname ][  -addr  <a.b.c.d:port>  ]  cluster...  cluster.process...
       user...  -constraint expression ...

       condor_transfer_data  [ -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber] -name
       scheddname ][ -addr <a.b.c.d:port> ] -all


       condor_transfer_data causes Condor to  transfer  spooled  data.  It  is
       meant to be used in conjunction with the -spool option of condor_submit
       , as in

       condor_submit -spool mysubmitfile

       Submission of a job with the -spool option causes Condor to  spool  all
       input  files,  the  user  log, and any proxy across a connection to the
       machine where the condor_schedd daemon is running. After spooling these
       files,  the machine from which the job is submitted may disconnect from
       the network or modify its local copies of the spooled files.

       When the job finishes, the job has JobStatus= 4, meaning that  the  job
       has    completed.   The   output   of   the   job   is   spooled,   and
       condor_transfer_data retrieves the output of the completed job.



          Display usage information


          Display version information

       -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

          Specify a pool by giving the central  manager’s  host  name  and  an
          optional port number

       -name scheddname

          Send the command to a machine identified by scheddname

       -addr <a.b.c.d:port>

          Send the command to a machine located at <a.b.c.d:port>


          Transfer spooled data belonging to the specified cluster


          Transfer spooled data belonging to a specific job in the cluster


          Transfer spooled data belonging to the specified user

       -constraint expression

          Transfer   spooled  data  for  jobs  which  match  the  job  ClassAd
          expression constraint


          Transfer all spooled data

Exit Status

       condor_transfer_data will exit with a status value  of  0  (zero)  upon
       success, and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


       Condor Team, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright  (C)  1990-2009  Condor  Team,  Computer Sciences Department,
       University of Wisconsin-Madison,  Madison,  WI.  All  Rights  Reserved.
       Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

       See       the       Condor       Version      7.2.4      Manual      or  additional  notices.   condor-