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       condor_submit - Queue jobs for execution under Condor


       condor_submit  [ -verbose ] [ -unused ] [ -name schedd_name ] [ -remote
       schedd_name ] [ -pool pool_name ] [ -disable ] [ -password passphrase ]
       [  -debug  ]  [  -append command ...  ] [ -spool ] [ -dump filename ] [
       submit description file ]


       condor_submit is the program for submitting jobs  for  execution  under
       Condor.    condor_submit  requires  a  submit  description  file  which
       contains commands to direct the queuing of jobs. One submit description
       file  may contain specifications for the queuing of many Condor jobs at
       once. A single invocation  of  condor_submit  may  cause  one  or  more
       clusters.  A  cluster  is  a  set  of  jobs  specified  in  the  submit
       description file between queue commands for which the executable is not
       changed. It is advantageous to submit multiple jobs as a single cluster

          * Only one copy of the checkpoint file is needed  to  represent  all
          jobs in a cluster until they begin execution.

          *  There is much less overhead involved for Condor to start the next
          job in a cluster than for Condor to start a new  cluster.  This  can
          make a big difference when submitting lots of short jobs.

       Multiple  clusters  may be specified within a single submit description
       file. Each cluster must specify a single executable.

       The job ClassAd attribute ClusterIdidentifies a cluster. See  specifics
       for this attribute in the Appendix on page .

       Note  that submission of jobs from a Windows machine requires a stashed
       password to allow Condor to impersonate the user submitting the job. To
       stash  a  password,  use  the condor_store_cred command. See the manual
       page at page for details.

       See section  for  the  commands  that  may  be  placed  in  the  submit
       description file to direct the submission of a job.



          Verbose output - display the created job ClassAd


          As  a  default,  causes  no warnings to be issued about user-defined
          macros not being  used  within  the  submit  description  file.  The
          meaning   reverses   (toggles)   when   the  configuration  variable
          WARN_ON_UNUSED_SUBMIT_FILE_MACROSis set to the nondefault  value  of
          False.  Printing  the  warnings can help identify spelling errors of
          submit description file commands. The warnings are sent to stderr.

       -name schedd_name

          Submit to the specified condor_schedd . Use this option to submit to
          a  condor_schedd  other  than the default local one.  schedd_name is
          the value of the NameClassAd attribute  on  the  machine  where  the
          condor_schedd daemon runs.

       -remote schedd_name

          Submit  to the specified condor_schedd , spooling all required input
          files over the network connection.  schedd_name is the value of  the
          NameClassAd  attribute on the machine where the condor_schedd daemon
          runs. This option is equivalent to using both -name and -spool .

       -pool pool_name

          Look in the specified pool for the condor_schedd to submit to.  This
          option is used with -name or -remote .


          Disable file permission checks.

       -password passphrase

          Specify a password to the MyProxy server.


          Cause debugging information to be sent to stderr, based on the value
          of the configuration variable SUBMIT_DEBUG.

       -append command

          Augment the commands in the submit description file with  the  given
          command.  This command will be considered to immediately precede the
          Queue command within the submit description file, and come after all
          other   previous  commands.  The  submit  description  file  is  not
          modified. Multiple commands  are  specified  by  using  the  -append
          option  multiple  times.  Each  new  command  is given in a separate
          -append option. Commands  with  spaces  in  them  will  need  to  be
          enclosed in double quote marks.


          Spool  all  required  input  files,  user  log,  and  proxy over the
          connection to the condor_schedd .  After  submission,  modify  local
          copies  of  the  files without affecting your jobs. Any output files
          for completed jobs need to be retrieved with condor_transfer_data  .

       -dump filename

          Sends  all  ClassAds  to  the  specified  file,  instead  of  to the
          condor_schedd .

       submit description file

          The pathname to  the  submit  description  file.  If  this  optional
          argument  is  missing or equal to ‘‘-’’, then the commands are taken
          from standard input.

Exit Status

       condor_submit will exit with a status value of 0 (zero)  upon  success,
       and a non-zero value upon failure.


          *  Submit Description File Example 1: This example queues three jobs
          for execution by Condor.  The  first  will  be  given  command  line
          arguments  of 15 and 2000 , and it will write its standard output to
          foo.out1. The second will be given command line arguments of 30  and
          2000  , and it will write its standard output to foo.out2. Similarly
          the third will have arguments of 45 and  6000  ,  and  it  will  use
          foo.out3for its standard output. Standard error output (if any) from
          all three programs will appear in foo.error.

             # submit description file
             # Example 1: queuing multiple jobs with differing
             # command line arguments and output files.

             Executable     = foo
             Universe       = standard

             Arguments      = 15 2000
             Output  = foo.out1
             Error   = foo.err1

             Arguments      = 30 2000
             Output  = foo.out2
             Error   = foo.err2

             Arguments      = 45 6000
             Output  = foo.out3
             Error   = foo.err3

          * Submit Description File Example 2: This  submit  description  file
          example queues 150 runs of program foo which must have been compiled
          and linked for Sun workstations running Solaris 8. Condor  will  not
          attempt  to  run  the  processes on machines which have less than 32
          Megabytes of physical memory, and it will run them on machines which
          have  at  least 64 Megabytes, if such machines are available. Stdin,
          stdout, and stderr will refer to in.0, out.0, and err.0for the first
          run  of  this  program  (process  0). Stdin, stdout, and stderr will
          refer to in.1, out.1, and err.1for process 1, and so  forth.  A  log
          file  containing  entries  about  where  and when Condor runs, takes
          checkpoints, and migrates processes in this cluster will be  written
          into file foo.log.

             # Example 2: Show off some fancy features including
             # use of pre-defined macros and logging.

             Executable     = foo
             Universe       = standard
             Requirements    =  Memory  >=  32 && OpSys == "SOLARIS28" && Arch
             Rank           = Memory >= 64
             Image_Size     = 28 Meg

             Error   = err.$(Process)
             Input   = in.$(Process)
             Output  = out.$(Process)
             Log = foo.log

             Queue 150

          * Command Line example:  The  following  command  uses  the  -append
          option  to  add two commands before the job(s) is queued. A log file
          and an error log file are specified. The submit description file  is

       condor_submit -a "log = out.log" -a "error = error.log" mysubmitfile

          Note that each of the added commands is contained within quote marks
          because there are space characters within the command.

          * periodic_removeexample: A job should be removed from the queue, if
          the  total  suspension  time of the job is more than half of the run
          time of the job.

          Including the command

          periodic_remove = CumulativeSuspensionTime >
                            ((RemoteWallClockTime -  CumulativeSuspensionTime)
       / 2.0)

          in the submit description file causes this to happen.

General Remarks

          * For security reasons, Condor will refuse to run any jobs submitted
          by user root (UID = 0) or by a user whose  default  group  is  group
          wheel  (GID  =  0).  Jobs  submitted  by  user root or a user with a
          default group of wheel will appear to sit forever in the queue in an
          idle state.

          *  All  path  names specified in the submit description file must be
          less than 256 characters in length, and command line arguments  must
          be  less  than  4096  characters in length; otherwise, condor_submit
          gives a warning message but the jobs will not execute properly.

          * Somewhat understandably, behavior gets bizarre if the  user  makes
          the  mistake of requesting multiple Condor jobs to write to the same
          file, and/or if the user alters any files that need to  be  accessed
          by  a  Condor  job  which  is  still  in the queue. For example, the
          compressing of  data  or  output  files  before  a  Condor  job  has
          completed is a common mistake.

          *  To  disable checkpointing for Standard Universe jobs, include the

             +WantCheckpoint = False

          in the submit description file before the queue command(s).

See Also

       Condor User Manual


       Condor Team, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright (C) 1990-2009  Condor  Team,  Computer  Sciences  Department,
       University  of  Wisconsin-Madison,  Madison,  WI.  All Rights Reserved.
       Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

       See      the      Condor      Version       7.2.4       Manual       or   additional  notices.  condor-

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