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       condor_history - View log of Condor jobs completed to date


       condor_history [ -help ]

       condor_history  [  -backwards ] [ -completedsince postgrestimestamp ] [
       -constraint expr ] [ -f filename ] [ -format formatString AttributeName
       ]  [  -l  |  -long  |  -xml ] [ -match number ] [ -name schedd-name ] [
       cluster | cluster.process | owner ]


       condor_history displays a summary of all  Condor  jobs  listed  in  the
       specified  history  files,  or  in  the  Quill  database, when Quill is
       enabled. If no history files are specified (with  the  -f  option)  and
       Quill  is  not enabled, the local history file as specified in Condor’s
       configuration file ($(SPOOL)/historyby default) is  read.  The  default
       listing  summarizes (in chronological order) each job on a single line,
       and contains the following items:


          The cluster/process id of the job.


          The owner of the job.


          The month, day, hour, and minute the job was submitted to the queue.


          Remote  wall  clock  time  accumulated  by  the job to date in days,
          hours,   minutes,   and   seconds.    See    the    definition    of
          RemoteWallClockTimeon page .


          Completion status of the job (C = completed and X = removed).


          The time the job was completed.


          The name of the executable.

       If  a  job  ID (in the form of cluster_id or cluster_id.proc_id ) or an
       owner is provided, output will be restricted to jobs with the specified
       IDs and/or submitted by the specified owner. The -constraint option can
       be used to display jobs that satisfy a specified boolean expression.

       The history file is kept in  chronological  order,  implying  that  new
       entries  are  appended  at  the  end  of the file. As of Condor version
       6.7.19, the format of the history file  is  altered  to  enable  faster
       reading  of the history file backwards (most recent job first). History
       files written with earlier versions of Condor, as well  as  those  that
       have entries of both the older and newer format need to be converted to
       the new format. See the condor_convert_history manual page on page  for
       details on converting history files to the new format.



          Display usage information and exit.


          List  jobs  in  reverse  chronological  order. The job most recently
          added to the history file is first.

       -completedsince postgrestimestamp

          When Quill is enabled,  display  only  job  ads  that  were  in  the
          Completed  job  state  on  or  after  the date and time given by the
          postgrestimestamp . The  postgrestimestamp  follows  the  syntax  as
          given  for  PostgreSQL  version  8.0. The behavior of this option is
          undefined when Quill is not enabled.

       -constraint expr

          Display jobs that satisfy the expression.

       -f filename

          Use the specified file instead of the  default  history  file.  When
          Quill  is enabled, this option will force the query to read from the
          history file, and not the database.

       -format formatString AttributeName

          Display jobs with a custom format. See the condor_q man page -format
          option for details.

       -l or -long

          Display job ads in long format.

       -match number

          Limit the number of jobs displayed to number .

       -name schedd-name

          When   Quill   is   enabled,  query  job  ClassAds  from  the  named
          condor_schedd daemon, not the default condor_schedd daemon.


          Display job ClassAds in xml format. The xml format is fully  defined


       To see all historical jobs since April 1, 2005 at 1pm,

       %condor_history -completedsince ’04/01/2005 13:00’

Exit Status

       condor_history  will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success,
       and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


       Condor Team, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright (C) 1990-2009  Condor  Team,  Computer  Sciences  Department,
       University  of  Wisconsin-Madison,  Madison,  WI.  All Rights Reserved.
       Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

       See      the      Condor      Version       7.2.4       Manual       or   additional  notices.  condor-

                                     date     just-man-pages/condor_history(1)