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       condor_fetchlog  -  Retrieve  a  daemon’s  log  file that is located on
       another computer


       condor_fetchlog [ -help -version ]

       condor_fetchlog [ -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber] ] [ -master
       -startd   -schedd   -collector   -negotiator   -kbdd   ]   machine-name


       condor_fetchlog contacts Condor running on  the  machine  specified  by
       machine-name  ,  and  asks  it  to return a log file from that machine.
       Which log file is determined from the  subsystem[.extension]  argument.
       The log file is printed to standard output. This command eliminates the
       need to remotely log in to a machine in order to  retrieve  a  daemon’s
       log file.

       For security purposes of authentication and authorization, this command
       requires an administrator’s level of access. See section  on  page  for
       more details about Condor’s security mechanisms.

       The  subsystem[.extension]  argument  is  utilized to construct the log
       file’s name.  Without  an  optional  .extension  ,  the  value  of  the
       configuration  variable  named  subsystem  _LOG  defines the log file’s
       name. When specified, the .extension is appended to this value.

       Acceptable strings for the argument subsystem are as given as  possible
       values  of  the predefined configuration variable $(SUBSYSTEM). See the
       definition in section .

       A value for the optional .extension argument may be one  of  the  three

          1. .old

          2. .slot<X>

          3. .slot<X>.oldWithin these strings, <X>is substituted with the slot



          Display usage information


          Display version information

       -pool centralmanagerhostname[:portnumber]

          Specify a pool by giving the central  manager’s  host  name  and  an
          optional port number


          Send the command to the condor_master daemon (default)


          Send the command to the condor_startd daemon


          Send the command to the condor_schedd daemon


          Send the command to the condor_collector daemon


          Send the command to the condor_kbdd daemon


       To   get   the   condor_negotiator  daemon’s  log  from  a  host  named
       head.example.comfrom within the current pool:

       condor_fetchlog NEGOTIATOR

       To  get  the   condor_startd   daemon’s   log   from   a   host   named
       execute.example.comfrom within the current pool:

       condor_fetchlog STARTD

       This   command  requested  the  condor_startd  daemon’s  log  from  the
       condor_master . If the condor_master has crashed  or  is  unresponsive,
       ask  another  daemon  running  on  that computer to return the log. For
       example, ask the condor_startd daemon to return the  condor_master  &’s

       condor_fetchlog -startd MASTER

Exit Status

       condor_fetchlog will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success,
       and it will exit with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


       Condor Team, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright (C) 1990-2009  Condor  Team,  Computer  Sciences  Department,
       University  of  Wisconsin-Madison,  Madison,  WI.  All Rights Reserved.
       Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

       See      the      Condor      Version       7.2.4       Manual       or   additional  notices.  condor-

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