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       colormake - color wrapper for make(1)


       colormake [ -f makefile ] [ option ] ...  target ...


       colormake  acts  as a wrapper around make(1) to ease reading the output
       by colorizing it.


       colormake uses the same command line options as make(1).


       To change a makefile to use colormake, you may change the path  at  the
       top which normally reads #!/usr/bin/make to #!/usr/bin/colormake.

       Alternately,  you  may  type colormake whenever you would normally type
       make when compiling programs.

       /usr/bin/colormake was formerly named  /usr/bin/cmake  but  had  to  be
       renamed because of a name clash.


       The  configuration  files  are Perl scripts included by colormake.  The
       defaults values are (from colormake itself):
       # Some useful color codes, see end of file for more.
       $col_black =        "\033[30m";
       $col_red =          "\033[31m";
       $col_green =        "\033[32m";
       $col_yellow =       "\033[33m";
       $col_blue =         "\033[34m";
       $col_magenta =      "\033[35m";
       $col_cyan =         "\033[36m";
       $col_ltgray =       "\033[37m";

       $col_norm =         "\033[00m";
       $col_background =   "\033[07m";
       $col_brighten =     "\033[01m";
       $col_underline =    "\033[04m";
       $col_blink =        "\033[05m";

       # Customize colors here...
       $col_default =      $col_ltgray;
       $col_gcc =          $col_magenta . $col_brighten;
       $col_make =         $col_cyan;
       $col_filename =     $col_yellow;
       $col_linenum =      $col_cyan;
       $col_trace =        $col_yellow;
       $col_warning =      $col_green;
       $tag_error =        "";
       $col_error =        $tag_error . $col_yellow . $col_brighten;
       $error_highlight =  $col_brighten;

       For use with gnome-terminal I have the following  configuration  in  my
       $HOME/.colormakerc file:
       $col_default =      $col_black;
       $col_gcc =          $col_magenta;
       $col_filename =     $col_blue;
       $col_linenum =      $col_cyan;
       $col_error =        $tag_error . $col_red . $col_brighten;

              System-wide configuration file for colormake.

              Personal configuration file for colormake.


       Bjarni R. Einarsson is the author of colormake.

       This  manual  page  was  written  for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
       because the original program does not have a manual page.

       This manual page was written by  Joe  Wreschnig  <>
       and  updated  by Ludovic Rousseau <>, for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


       make(1), clmake(1)

                                July 2nd, 2001                    colormake(1)