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       codeEditor  -  A  Python-aware code editor written using the PythonCard
       GUI framework


       codeEditor [file] [switches]


       The codeEditor program is one of the tools included with the PythonCard
       GUI  framework.   It  is focused on being a simple to use Python source
       code editor.  It is not intended to be  a  generic  editor  or  replace
       vi(m),  Emacs, etc. If you are already happy with your existing editing
       environment for Python source code, there is no particular  reason  you
       have to switch.

       codeEditor  borrows  ideas and code from IDLE as well as Mark Hammond’s
       Pythonwin, PyCrust (the PythonCard shell) and Robin Dunn’s
       The  core  editor  component uses the wxPython wxStyledTextCtrl (wxSTC)
       which in turn uses Neil Hodgson’s Scintilla. Isn’t open source fun?  In
       15  minutes  you  can  have  a  pretty decent editor by standing on the
       shoulders of others.


       Note that switches  must  come  after  any  filename  in  order  to  be

       -p     Show property editor

       -m     Show message watcher

       -l     Enable logging

       -s     Show shell

       -m     Show namespace

       -d     Show debug menu


       The  codeEditor  utility also provides additional functionality that is
       not discussed in this manpage, because  it  is  somewhat  difficult  to
       completely  describe  usage  of  a GUI program in a text-based manpage.
       For more detailed usage instructions or for  more  information  on  the
       PythonCard GUI framework in general, you should install the pythoncard-
       doc package and take a look at the various walk-throughs, tutorials and
       samples included with it.

       Once  the  pythoncard-doc  package  is  installed, the documentation is
       installed to /usr/share/doc/pythoncard-doc, and is also  available  via
       Debian’s  doc-base  infrastructure - find it in the Devel section using
       dwww(1), doc-central(1) or dhelp(1).

       If you would rather not install the  pythoncard-doc  package,  you  can
       find essentially the same information on the PythonCard website:


       Although it is considered to be stable, this is still development-level
       software.  If you use codeEditor as a real text  editor  then  you  may
       want  to work on backup copies of documents in case there are bugs that
       might corrupt your text.

       Please report bugs in this or any PythonCard component  to  the  Debian
       Bug Tracking system using reportbug(1).


       This manpage was written by Kenneth J. Pronovici <>,
       for use by the  Debian  project.   Content  was  based  on  previously-
       existing PythonCard documentation in other forms.


       resourceEditor(1), findfiles(1),