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       charm - Client for LiveJournal-based blogging sites


       charm [ -h, --help ]

       charm [ -o, --options ]

       charm [ -f, --file FILENAME ] [ -u, --user USERNAME ] [ -c, --check ] [
       -i, --interval MINUTES ] [ -g, --group FRIENDGROUP ]

       charm [ -f, --file FILENAME ] [ -u, --user USERNAME ] [ -z, --sync ]  [
       -a, --archive DIR ]

       charm [ -f, --file FILENAME ] [ -u, --user USERNAME ] [ -l, --login ] [
       -n, --nologin ] [ -d, --drafts DIR ]  [  -a,  --archive  DIR  ]  [  -r,
       --resume  DRAFTFILE  ]  [  -T,  --template  TEMPLATE  ]  [  -x, --xpost
       ARCHIVEFILE ] [ -q, --quick ] [ -j, --journal JOURNAL ] [ -s, --subject
       SUBJECT  ]  [ -p, --permit PERMISSION ] [ -m, --mood MOOD ] [ -k, --pic
       KEYWORD ] [ -t, --tag TAG ] [ -M, --music MUSIC ] [ -A, --autodetect  ]
       [  --autoformat  STATUS ] [ --backdate STATUS ] [ --comments STATUS ] [
       --noemail STATUS ]


       Charm is a client for LiveJournal, Blogger, and  other  blogging  sites
       that  support  the  LiveJournal  protocol, the Atom API, or the MetaWeb
       API. It can be  used  for  posting,  editing,  journal  administration,
       offline synchronization, and checking for friend updates.


       -h, --help
              Print a help message.

       -o, --options
              Print the posting options.

       -f, --file FILENAME
              Specify the configuration file to read at startup.

       -u, --user USERNAME
              Specify the journal user to perform operations as.


       -c, --check
              Utilize friends-checking mode.

       -i, --interval MINUTES
              Specify how many minutes to wait between checks.

       -g, --group FRIENDGROUP
              Specify  which friend groups to limit check to. Can be specified
              multiple times.


       -z, --sync
              Utilize synchronization (journal download) mode.

       -a, --archive DIRECTORY
              Save synchronized posts to this directory.


       -l, --login
              Log in when Charm is started.

       -n, --nologin
              Do not log in when Charm is started.

       -d, --drafts DIRECTORY
              Use this directory to save in-progress journal entry drafts.

       -a, --archive DIRECTORY
              Use this directory to save completed posts.

       -r, --resume DRAFTFILE
              Resume a previous session, reading from this saved draft file.

       -T, --template TEMPLATE
              Read  the  content  of  this  template  file  at  startup,  pre-
              populating the post.

       -x, --xpost ARCHIVEFILE
              Prepare to cross-post, reading from a saved archive file.

       -q, --quick
              Non-interactive  mode.  Read  journal  entry  text from standard
              input, and post it immediately, rather than using the menu-based
              interactive editing.

       -j, --journal JOURNAL
              Specify the journal to post to.

       -s, --subject "SUBJECT"
              Use this as the subject line of the journal entry.

       -p, --permit PERMISSION
              Use  this  for the post permissions. Can be "public", "private",
              "friends", or a list of friend groups separated by commas.

       -m, --mood MOOD
              Use this for the mood of this entry.

       -k, --pic KEYWORD
              Use this picture keyword for the userpic of this entry.

       -t, --tag TAG
              Use this tag for this entry.

       -M, --music "MUSIC"
              Use this as the music for this entry.

       -A, --autodetect
              Use XMMS to automatically determine what music to use  for  this

              Let  the  site  automatically  HTML  format  this post, or do it

              Backdate this entry, so it does not show up on the friends pages
              of our friends?

              Allow people to post comments on this entry?

              Do not send us email when someone posts a comment on this entry?


       VISUAL      The default editor to use for writing entries.

       EDITOR      The default editor to use for writing entries, if VISUAL is
                   not set.

       PAGER       The default pager to use when previewing entries.

       BROWSER     The default Web browser to use when viewing a journal.

       HTTP_PROXY  The HTTP proxy to use, if any, in the format site:port


       ~/.charmrc  The default location of the charmrc file for a user.


       There  is  a  full  manual  for  Charm.  It  can  usually  be  found in




       Lydia Leong (

                                 November 2004                        charm(1)