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       cg - Recursively grep for a pattern and store it.


       cg [ -l ] | [ [ -i ] pattern [ files ] ]


       cg  does  a  search though text files (usually source code) recursively
       for a pattern, storing matches and displaying the output  in  a  human-
       readable  fashion.   It  is intended to give some of the functionaly of
       AT&T’s cscope(1) tool, with the advantages of simplicity and not  being
       language-specific.   The  script  will colorize output if configured as

       It is typically run with a Perl regular expression to search for.   The
       search  can be made case insensitive by using the -i option.  A list of
       files may also be specified  with  an  additional  argument  after  the
       pattern.  Put the files pattern in quotes to make it be matched by Perl
       rather than by the shell.  Running the script with  no  arguments  will
       recall  the  results of the previous search.  After the search, entries
       found can be edited using the vg(1) script.  The -l  option  shows  the
       last log made.


       cg - alone recalls the previous search results.

       cg -i pattern - search the default list of files for all files matching
       the pattern (and case-insensitively).

       cg pattern*.c’ - search recursively for pattern  in  all  *.c  files.
       This  automatically  converts  ’*’  to ’.*’ and ’.’ to ’\.’ for you and
       does a Perl pattern match on all files in the tree.

       cg pattern *.c - search through the shell-expanded list of  *.c  files,
       so not done recursively (in other words, only the files your shell pass
       to the script as arguments).

       cg -l - show the last log made.


       -i   Do a case-insensitive search.

       -l   Show the last log made.

       -p   Toggle  the  default  pager  option.   cg  has  a  bulit-in  pager
            function,  which  can  be  enabled  or  disabled  by  default  (in
            .cgvgrc).  If the default is enabled,  this  option  disables  the
            pager; if the default is disabled, this option enables it.

       -P   Force the built-in pager to be disabled.


              Log file of the last search.

              Per-user   configuration   file   (if   the   defaults  are  not

              Log files in $HOSTNAME.shell_pid form with the log of  the  last


       vg(1), perl(1), find(1), grep(1), cscope(1)


       cg was written by Joshua Uziel <>.

                                  13 Mar 2002