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       build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi - builds rendered effects for LiVES


       build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi type [scripts_dir exec_dir] [build_bindir]


       This perl script builds rendered effects (RFX) plugins  for  LiVES.  If
       scripts_dir  is  not  defined  then  type  is used to locate the plugin
       scripts directory and  output  directory.  Type  can  be  builtin  (the
       default), custom,
        test,  or  builtinx. The type builtinx forces scripts_dir and exec_dir
       to be read from parameters and is used during LiVES install, and is the
       only type which should be used if scripts_dir is specified.

       Each  plugin  script in input directory is scanned to find its language
       code. The script is  then  passed  to  the  script  compiler  for  that
       language.   The  directory  location  of  the  script_compiler  may  be
       specified by the build_bindir parameter (as is the  case  during  LiVES
       installation0; otherwise the user's $PATH will be searched.

       Return values the script returns the following values

       0  -  success  1  -  the "type" parameter was not defined, or set to an
       invalid value 3 - the builder for a plugin script was not found


       build-lives-rfx-plugin(1), lives(1)


       Gabriel Finch a.k.a Salsaman (

                                  May 9 2010   build-lives-rfx-plugin-multi(1)