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       booldnf - converts a boolean expression to the DNF


       echoa&(!b|c&!d)| booldnf > result.txt


       booldnf  is  a program that reads boolean expressions from its standard
       input and rewrites them in Disjunctive  Normal  Form  on  its  standard
       output.  It uses the BoolStuff library.

       The  Disjunctive  Normal  Form  is  an  ORing of ANDed terms.  In other
       words, if the OR is considered an additive  operation  and  the  AND  a
       multiplicative operation, then the DNF is a sum of products.

       Each  expression  must be on its own text line.  Variable names must be
       composed only of ASCII letters and digits.

       The AND operator is &, the OR operator is |, and the NOT operator is !.
       Parentheses are allowed.

       The  command  flushes  its  output  buffer  after  each result or error
       message, to make sure that it can be  used  with  bidirectional  pipes.
       Results and error messages always take exactly one text line.


       The command

              echoa&(!b|c&!d)| booldnf

       should display



       This  program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License.   This  program  has  absolutely  no


       See the boolstuff(3) manual page.


       See the boolstuff(3) manual page.

                              October 13th, 2008                    booldnf(1)