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       bincimapd - IMAP4rev1 server


       bincimap-up [ options... ] -- <authenticator> bincimapd


       Binc  IMAP is a simple xinetd / tcpserver invoked IMAP4rev1 server with
       support for Maildir.  It is very easy to install and use.

       To  configure  Binc  IMAP,   use   either   command   line   arguments,
       configuration file entries, or a combination of both.

       Note that command line arguments always override config file options.


       Command line arguments are optional. The default behavior is to inherit
       options from bincimap-up through the environment. Passing arguments  to
       bincimapd will override settings inherited from bincimap-up.

       bincimapd  takes  one  optional  unqualified  argument  in  addition to
       regular command line options: the Mailbox path.  Appending a path as an
       option  to bincimapd will override any mailbox path set by command line
       options or inherited from bincimap-up.

       For a complete listing of options for bincimapd,  see  the  bincimap-up
       man page.

       Local  options  are  read  through  the  file .bincimap, located at the
       current working directory that  bincimapd  is  invoked  in,  before  it
       enters the depository path.


       All  Binc IMAPs configuration files use the same Binc::Storage format.
       It’s basically a sequence of named sections enclosed in {braces},  each
       containing  a  set of comma separated key=value pairs. The keys must be
       alphanumeric, and the values can contain any character if it’s  quoted.

              Local  configurations file. This file has a similar structure to
              the global bincimap.conf file, and it can be set by each user to
              override   both   command   line   arguments   and   the  global
              configuration. It only works for a few selected options, though.

              This  file  contains  a  version  number,  and  the  UIDNEXT and
              UIDVALIDITY values for the given mailbox.

              This file contains a version  number,  and  it  stores  the  UID
              values  for  each  message,  along with (optionally) some cached


       bincimapd reads its configuration from the environment,  as  passed  by
       bincimap-up.  In  addition, bincimapd reads the variable BINCIMAP_LOGIN
       which contains a message from bincimap-up with the tag and command used
       to  authenticate,  separated  by  a  +.  If the tag and command used to
       authenticate were "1  LOGIN",  then  BINCIMAP_LOGIN  would  be  set  to

       Note that it is essential that the authenticator invoked by bincimap-up
       does not clear the environment.


       Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Andreas Aardal Hanssen

       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There  is
       NO warranty.


       Please  report  any  bugs to the Binc IMAP mailing list. Before posting
       your bug, check out the Binc IMAP official home  page  for  a  list  of
       mailing list archives to browse.

              Mailing list: <>
              Developers’ mailing list: <>
              Announcements list: <>

              Subscribing to a mailing list: <>
              Home page:


       Andreas Aardal Hanssen <>


       multilog(8)  supervise(8) tcpserver(1) bincimapd.conf(5) bincimap-up(1)
       xinetd(8) xinetd.conf(5)

       Note: The first  three  man  pages  are  available  for  download  from