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       bbpager - pager for the Blackbox window manager




       bbpager  is  a  pager  for  Blackbox  and all other Blackbox-compatible
       Window Managers.

       bbpager supports colors and gradients changing, moving windows (also to
       other desktop), and optional placement in the Blackbox slit.

       It’s  also  possible  to  define  how  the  desktops  are displayed, by
       defining the number of rows or columns to use.


       By  default  bbpager  reads  the  Blackbox  style-file  as  defined  in
       ~/.blackboxrc  and  copies  as  much  of  the  style  as  possible. See
       blackbox(1) for further information.

       If the resource  bbpager.autoConfig  is  turned  true,  the  tool  will
       periodically  check  the  main config files, ~/.blackboxrc for Blackbox
       users and bbpager.nobb for other WM’s to see if they have  changed.  If
       so bbpager will reconfigure itself accordingly.


       The location of bbpagers configuration files is as follows:

       /etc/bbtools/bbpager.rc the global configuration file

       $HOME/.bbtools/bbpager.rc the local configuration file


       This  manual  page  was written by Emanuele Rocca <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used  by  others).  It  was
       updated by Kevin Coyner <> in February 2007.


       blackbox(1), fluxbox(1), bbkeys(1).