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       bat2gts  -  takes a bathymetry file (three columns: longitude, latitude
       (degree), depth (meters)) and generates a GTS depth file for the  given


       bat2gts [OPTIONS]<BATHY


       This manual page documents briefly the bat2gts command.


       These  programs  follow  the  usual  GNU command line syntax, with long
       options starting with two  dashes  (‘-’).   A  summary  of  options  is
       included below.

              Set reference longitude to V (default 174 deg)

              Set reference latitude  to V (default -41 deg)

              Set domain width (default is 500 km)

              Set reference depth to V (default is 5000 meters)

              Set coastline reference depth to V (default is 0.1 meters)

              Set relative error allowed on bathymetry (default is 0.05)

              Rotation of V degrees (default is 0)

       -v, --verbose
              Display info about the process

       -h, --help
              Display the help and exit.


       bat2gts was written by Stephane Popinet <>.

       This manual page was written by Ruben Molina <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                August 9, 2008                      bat2gts(1)