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       aemakeflic - produce an animation from an aewan document


       aemakeflic   [-f   {less|sh}]   [-N]   [-b]   [-d   <delay>]


       This utility will make an ascii animation out of an aewan document.  It
       can  currently  produce animations in two formats: a shellscript which,
       when executed, will display the animation and a "less  movie"  intended
       to  be "played" on the very popular ’less’ output pager -- that is, the
       user will see the animation as he pages down through  the  file  in  an
       appropriate window size.

       Each  layer  in  the  aewan document is interpreted as one frame of the
       animation.  Layer transparency and compositing are not used: each layer
       becomes a frame.


       -f     specifies  output  format - can "sh" for a shellscript or "less"
              for a "less movie"

       -N     omit the initial instructions that are normally included in  the
              resulting  file. The instructions will orient the user as to how
              to play the file.

       -b     disables output of color (only characters will be printed).

       -d delay
              specifies the delay between frames (for shellscript only), given
              in milliseconds.


       This  program  is  part  of  the  Aewan  Ascii Art Editor package.  See
       aewan(1) for author information.


       Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Bruno Takahashi  C.  de  Oliveira.  All  rights

       This  program is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version
       2 or, at your option, any later version. For full license  information,
       please refer to the COPYING file that accompanies the program.


       aewan(1), aewan(5), aecat(1)

aemakeflic (Aewan Ascii Art EditSeptember 2005                   aemakeflic(1)