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       advpng ‐ AdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility


       advpng [‐l, ‐‐list] [‐z, ‐‐recompress] [‐0, ‐‐shrink‐0]
            [‐1, ‐‐shrink‐fast] [‐2, ‐‐shrink‐normal [‐3, ‐‐shrink‐extra]
            [‐4, ‐‐shrink‐insane] [‐f, ‐‐force] [‐q, ‐‐quiet]
            [‐h, ‐‐help] [‐V, ‐‐version] FILES...


       The  main purpose of this utility is to recompress png files to get the
       smallest possible size.

       Please note that this utility is not able to read a generic file.  It’s
       granted  to be able to read only the files generated by the AdvanceMAME

       To compress the files this utility uses the following strategies:
       ·      Remove all ancillary chunks.
       ·      Concatenate all the IDAT chunks.
       ·      Use the 7zip Deflate implementation.


l, ‐‐list FILES...
              List the content of the specified files.

       ‐z, ‐‐recompress FILES...
              Recompress the specified files. If the ‐1, ‐2,  ‐3  options  are
              specified  it’s  used the smallest file choice from the previous
              compressed data and the new compression. If  the  ‐0  option  is
              specified  the file is always rewritten without any compression.

       ‐0, ‐‐shrinkstore
              Disable the  compression.  The  file  is  only  stored  and  not
              compressed. The file is always rewritten also if it’s bigger.

       ‐1, ‐‐shrinkfast
              Set the compression level to ˝fast˝.

       ‐2, ‐‐shrinknormal
              Set the compression level to ˝normal˝. This is the default level
              of compression.

       ‐3, ‐‐shrinkextra
              Set the compression level to ˝extra˝.

       ‐4, ‐‐shrinkinsane
              Set the compression level to ˝insane˝.

       ‐f, ‐‐force
              Force the use of the new file also if it’s bigger.


       This file is Copyright (C) 2002 Andrea Mazzoleni, Filipe Estima


       advzip(1), advmng(1), advdef(1)

                                        AdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility(1)