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       advmng ‐ AdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility


       advmng [‐l, ‐‐list] [‐z, ‐‐recompress]
            [‐x, ‐‐extract] [‐a, ‐‐add RATE MNG_FILE PNG_FILES...]
            [‐0, ‐‐shrink‐store] [‐1, ‐‐shrink‐fast] [‐2, ‐‐shrink‐normal]
            [‐3, ‐‐shrink‐extra] [‐4, ‐‐shrink‐insane]
            [‐s, ‐‐scroll HxV] [‐S, ‐‐scroll‐square]
            [‐e, ‐‐expand] [‐r, ‐‐reduce]
            [‐c, ‐‐lc] [‐C, ‐‐vlc] [‐f, ‐‐force] [‐q, ‐‐quiet] [‐v, ‐‐verbose]
            [‐h, ‐‐help] [‐V, ‐‐version] FILES...


       The main purpose of this utility is to recompress MNG files to get  the
       smallest possible size.

       Please  note that this utility is not able to read a generic file. It’s
       granted to be able to read only the files generated by the  AdvanceMAME

       To compress the files this utility uses the following strategies:
       ·      Remove all ancillary chunks.
       ·      Use  the  MNG  Delta  feature  to compress video clips with only
              small changes between frames.
       ·      Use the  MNG  Move  feature  to  compress  video  clips  with  a
              scrolling background (option ‐s).
       ·      Reduce the color depth to 8 bit (option ‐r).
       ·      Use the 7zip Deflate implementation.


l, ‐‐list FILES...
              List the content of the specified files.

       ‐z, ‐‐recompress FILES...
              Recompress  the  specified  files. If the ‐1, ‐2, ‐3 options are
              specified, it’s used the smallest file choice from the  previous
              compressed  data  and  the  new compression. If the ‐0 option is
              specified the file is always rewritten without any  compression.

       ‐x, ‐‐extract FILES...
              Extract  all the .png frames in the .mng clips.  You can use the
              ‐‐shrink options to control the compression ratio  of  the  .png
              files.  The extracted images are always 24 bit images with alpha
              channel.  You can remove the alpha channel with the ‐n option.

       ‐a, ‐‐add RATE MNG_FILE PNG_FILES...
              Compress all the .png files on the command line as a .mng  file.
              All  the  .png  files  must  have the same size and the same bit
              depth. You must also specify an integer frame rate to use in the


0, ‐‐shrinkstore
              Disable  the  compression.  The  file  is  only  stored  and not
              compressed. The file is always rewritten also if it’s bigger.

       ‐1, ‐‐shrinkfast
              Set the compression level to ˝fast˝.

       ‐2, ‐‐shrinknormal
              Set the compression level to ˝normal˝. This is the default level
              of compression.

       ‐3, ‐‐shrinkextra
              Set the compression level to ˝extra˝.

       ‐4, ‐‐shrinkinsane
              Set the compression level to ˝insane˝. It’s VERY SLOW.

       ‐s, ‐‐scroll HxV
              The ˝‐s HxV˝ option specifies the size of the pattern (H width x
              V height) used to check for a scrolling background. The size  is
              expressed  in  pixels  and  it  must be bigger or equal than the
              scrolling speed of the background. For  example  take  the  game
              1942  that  scrolls  vertically  by  1 pixel every frame. If you
              recorded with an interleave factor of 2 the  vertical  scrolling
              speed  is 1*2 = 2. In this case the minimum pattern is ˝‐s 0x2˝.
              Generally you can use ˝‐s 8x8˝ and use bigger  values  only  for
              games scrolling faster. If the game scrolls only horizontally or
              vertically  you  can  speed  up  a  lot  the  compression   with
              monodirectional patterns like ˝‐s 16x0˝ or ˝‐s 0x16˝.

       ‐S, ‐‐scrollsquare N
              This  option  is  like  the  option  ˝‐s  NxN˝  but excludes big
              movement on  both  directions  reducing  the  computation  time.
              Specifically the check done is X+Y<=N.

       ‐r, ‐‐reduce
              Force the color reduction to 8 bit. The reduction is really done
              only if any frame have less than 256  colors  and  if  no  alpha
              channel  is  present.  To  force  the reduction also if an alpha
              channel is present use the ‐n option.

       ‐e, ‐‐expand
              Force the color expansion to 24 bit.

       ‐n, ‐‐noalpha
              Remove the alpha channel if present.

       ‐c, ‐‐lc
              Force the use of the MNG LC (Low Complexity) specifications.  It
              disables  the  delta  compression.  The file is always rewritten
              also if it’s bigger.

       ‐C, ‐‐vlc
              Force  the  use  of  the   MNG   VLC   (Very   Low   Complexity)
              specifications.  It  disables  the  delta  compression  and  the
              precise  timing.  Warning!  you  may  lose  the  correct  timing
              information   because  the  VLC  format  only  supports  integer
              frequency. The file is always rewritten also if it’s bigger.

       ‐f, ‐‐force
              Force the use of the new file also if it’s bigger.

       ‐q, ‐‐quiet
              Don’t print the filenames.

       ‐v, ‐‐verbose
              Print more information on the compression process.


       A good tradeoff of recompression and time is the command :

           advmng ‐z ‐r ‐S 16 *.mng

       To create a .mng file from a series of .png files use the command :

           advmng ‐a 30 video.mng video*.png

       To extract all the images in a .mng file use the command :

           advmng ‐x video.mng


       This file is Copyright (C) 2003 Andrea Mazzoleni, Filipe Estima


       advzip(1), advpng(1), advdef(1)

                                        AdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility(1)