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       ttcn-el - GNU Emacs modes for protocol testing languages.






       The programming modes ttcn-3-mode, ttcn-mode, and tm-functions for GNU
       Emacs are for programming in the TTCN-3, core language (Testing and
       Test Control Notation - 3), TTCN.MP format (Tree and Tabulart Combined
       Notation), or the Test Manager scripts, an enhancement to the Forth
       programming language, used in the Tektronix K1297 protocol tester.

       The TTCN-3 programming mode (ttcn-3-mode, file ttcn3.el) does
       indentation, code colourisation (so-called font-locking) and gives you
       an index of test cases and other important definitions via the
       Module-Index. With the command ttcn3-parse you can run an external
       TTCN3Parser or ttthreeparser, if available. The keywords are according
       to the TTCN-3 BNF of 2001-10. If the package w3m-el is installed, you
       can get an online help on TTCN-3 keywords by pressing M-?  or
       S-mouse-3. This mode is based on CC Mode, please look in the CC Mode
       documentation for further information.

       The TTCN.MP programming mode (ttcn-mode, file ttcn.el) is not for
       writing test suites from scratch, but for fixing small errors or doing
       little changes or just looking at the MP format. No indentation is
       done, but some code colourisation, an index, and a menu with some
       navigation functions are given. Note: For large test suites startup
       might become very slow.

       If one want that GNU Emacs treats files with the .mp extension
       automatically as TTCN.MP files instead of MetaPost files, add the
       following lines to your ~/.emacs file:

           (setq auto-mode-alist
                  (cons ´("\\.mp\\´" . ttcn-mode) auto-mode-alist))

       The Test Manager programming functions (tm-functions, file tm.el)is an
       addition to the Forth programming mode (forth-mode, file forth.el). It
       includes only minor additions to the regular Forth mode, i.e.
       font-locking, index menu, and support of the Test Manager specific

       To enable the tm-functions by default, add the following line to your

           (add-hook ´forth-mode-hook ´tm-functions)


       All lisp source files are in /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ttcn-el/.


       These programmes are made by W. Borgert <<>>, as well
       as this documentation.


       All important ideas and some code are taken from other GNU Emacs modes,
       and adapted to work with TTCN-3, TTCN.MP and Test Manager files. Thanks
       to Csaba Koppany and Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles for valuable hints on
       current TTCN-3 keywords and regular expressions.


       Copyright 2000 W. Martin Borgert and released under the GNU General
       Public License (GPL) version 3 or higher, including this document.


       The indentation is not correct in many cases.


       W. Martin Borgert


       Copyright © 2000 W. Martin Borgert