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       nstxd - IP over DNS tunneling daemon


       nstxd OPTION DOMAIN


       nstxd  listens for well formed DNS requests and translates them into IP
       packets.  Responses are sent in the form of DNS  replies.  This  allows
       clients to tunnel IP packets over the DNS protocol.


       nstxd takes the following option:

       -d     Use this tun device instead of tun0

       -i     Bind to this IP address rather than every available address

       -C     Chroot to this directory on startup

       -D     Daemonize on startup

       -g     Switch on debug messages

       -u     Run as the following user

       domain The  domain  that nstxd will listen to requests for. This should
              be a domain that is delegated to the machine running nstxd.


       A domain should be delegated to the machine that will run nstxd.  nstxd
       should  then be run giving that domain as the only argument. nstxd will
       then listen for requests and translate them into IP packets  that  will
       appear  on  the tun0 interface. Packets sent to the tun0 interface will
       be transferred back to the client as DNS answers.


              Florian Heinz <>

              Julien Oster <>