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       nowebfilters - filters and parsers for use with noweb


       [noweave|notangle|noweb] [-filter filter|-markup parser] ...


       This  man  page  documents  the  various  filters  and parsers that are
       supplied with  noweb(1).   A  filter,  which  transforms  the  pipeline
       representation, is used with the -filter option.  A parser, which reads
       a source file and emits the pipeline representation, is used  with  the
       -markup  option.   Not  all  filters  and  parsers are available at all


              noweaves -autodefs and -showautodefs options use these filters,
              which  automatically find defined identifiers.  The * stands for
              the name of a programming language.  (Icon installation only.)

       btdefn The  btdefn  filter  uses  Dave  Hanson’s  convention  to   mark
              definitions.   In  code  chunks,  each  defining instances of an
              identifier should be preceded by  a  single  backtick  character
              (ASCII 140).  The btdefn filter removes these backticks from the
              code and converts them to definitions, thus:  ‘definition.   It,
              not @ %def, should be used with both notangle(1) and noweave(1),
              at least for programs written in C-like languages.

              The disambiguate filter makes it possible  to  abbreviate  chunk
              names using a trailing ellipsis (three periods), in the style of
              WEB and nuweb(1).

       docs2comments options
              The  docs2comments  filter  converts  documentation  chunks   to
              comments  in  code chunks.  Options include -all, which converts
              all documentation chunks into comments; -one converts  only  one
              documentation  chunk  preceding each code chunk.  The -wk option
              formats comments k columns wide.

              Other options control the language and  style  of  the  comment.
              Languages  available  include  -awk, -c, -c++, -f77, -f90, -icn,
              -icon, -lisp, -m3, -ml, -ocamlweb, -pascal, -scm, and -tex.

              Norman recommends using notangle(1) with docstocomments  instead
              of nountangle(1).  (Icon installation only.)

       elide patterns
              The elide filter removes from the stream any code chunk matching
              any of the arguments.  Each argument is a  pattern  in  which  ?
              matches  any  single  character  and  *  matches any sequence of

              The emptydefn  filter  makes  an  empty  definition  (<<>>=)  an
              abbreviation for a continuation of the previous definition.

       l2h [-show-unknowns]
              The  l2h  filter converts LaTeX to HTML in documentation chunks.
              If the  -show-unknowns  options  is  given,  unrecognized  LaTeX
              control  sequences  appear  in bold in the output.  l2h uses the
              LaTeX-generated .toc and .bbl files  to  help  create  table  of
              contents and bibliography.  (Icon installation only.)

       pipedocs command
              The  pipedocs  filter  runs  each documentation chunk through an
              invocation of command, which may be any Unix command.  The Noweb
              library  includes the command h2a, which uses lynx(1) to convert
              HTML to ASCII.

       xchunks files
              The xchunks filter pulls in code chunks from an external source.
              The files argument lists one or more noweb files, which are used
              only  for  their  definitions  of  code  chunks.   Empty   chunk
              definitions  in the main document are replaced with the external
              definitions of the same name.  This filter makes it possible  to
              include  the same code chunks in multiple documents, or even the
              same code chunks multiple times in  the  same  document.   (Icon
              installation only.)


       A  parser  converts  a  source  file  to  the  noweb  pipeline  format,
       interpreting the ‘‘markup’’ in that file.  By default,  the  tools  use
       the  standard  noweb  markup,  but some installations may support nuweb
       markup as well.  Parsers include

       markup Converts standard noweb(1) markup to pipeline format.

              Converts nuweb(1) markup to noweb pipeline format.   It  is  not
              part  of  the  standard  installation,  but  it  can be found in
              noweb’s contrib/norman directory.


       All filters and parsers are stored in /usr/lib/noweb


       It is possible to tell l2h  about  new  control  sequences  by  putting
       special  TeX  comments  in  one’s  documentation chunks, but there’s no
       documentation.  Use the source, Luke.

       numarkup loses information, e.g., about the proper treatment  of  tabs.
       It  also  doesn’t  compensate for notangle’s newline-removal heuristic,
       which means results  on  nuweb  files  may  differ  subtly  from  those
       produced by nuweb.

       Many filters are not available in installations that use Awk instead of


       noweave(1), notangle(1), noweb(1)
       The Noweb Hackers Guide


       This man page is from noweb version 2.11b.


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       Noweb home page at

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