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       LOAD - load a shared library file


       LOAD ’filename


       This  command  loads a shared library file into the PostgreSQL server’s
       address space. If the file has been loaded already,  the  command  does
       nothing.   Shared   library   files   that   contain  C  functions  are
       automatically  loaded  whenever  one  of  their  functions  is  called.
       Therefore,  an  explicit  LOAD is usually only needed to load a library
       that modifies the  server’s  behavior  through  ‘‘hooks’’  rather  than
       providing a set of functions.

       The  file name is specified in the same way as for shared library names
       in CREATE FUNCTION [create_function(7)]; in particular, one can rely on
       a  search  path  and automatic addition of the system’s standard shared
       library  file  name  extension.  See  in  the  documentation  for  more
       information on this topic.

       Non-superusers  can  only  apply  LOAD  to  library  files  located  in
       $libdir/plugins/ — the specified filename must begin with exactly  that
       string.  (It  is  the database administrator’s responsibility to ensure
       that only ‘‘safe’’ libraries are installed there.)


       LOAD is a PostgreSQL extension.


       CREATE FUNCTION [create_function(7)]