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       likewise-open - A suite of tools and services for joining Linux, Unix,
       and OS X clients to Active Directory domains


       Likewise Open is a set of tools and services to enable joining hosts to
       an Active DIrectory (AD) domain in a single step. The software performs
       all the necessary system management configuration to enable PAM aware
       host services to authenticate AD domain users and honor the user's
       existing set of domain group memberships.


       Likewise Open is a open source initiate of Likewise Software and is
       open for full community involvement. More information about Likewise
       Open and Likewise Software can be found at You may subscribe to the
       Likewise Open project mailing lists at


       domainjoin-cli(8), domainjoin-gui(8)


       This man page is correct for Likewise Open version 4.1.

                                  03/14/2008                  LIKEWISE OPEN(7)