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       koi8-u  -  Ukrainian  Net  Character Set encoded in octal, decimal, and


       KOI8-U (KOI8 Ukrainian, described in RFC 2310) is the de-facto standard
       character  set for encoding Ukrainian texts.  KOI8-U is compatible with
       KOI8-R (RFC 1489) for all Russian letters, and extends KOI8-R with four
       Ukrainian  letters (in both upper and lower case) in locations that are
       compliant with ISO-IR-111.

   KOI8-U Characters
       The following table  displays  the  characters  in  KOI8-U,  which  are
       printable  and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual page.  The fourth column
       will only show the proper  glyphs  in  an  environment  configured  for

       Oct   Dec   Hex    Char    Description
                                  BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT HORIZONTAL
       200   128 .nr03bot 0>?40