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       koi8-r  -  Russian  Net  Character  Set  encoded in octal, decimal, and


       KOI8-R is the character set of choice for encoding  Russian  texts  for
       many  Unix-like  operation systems.  KOI8-R is a successor for KOI-8, a
       de-facto standard for Internet Mail, News, WWW  and  other  interactive
       services at least all over the ex-SU territory.

       KOI8-R  is  defined  by  RFC 1489 (Registration of a Cyrillic Character


       KOI8-R was designed for mixed Russian/English  texts  and  covers  only
       Russian  Cyrillic  characters,  so  if  you’re  looking  for Ukrainian,
       Byelorussian, etc.  Cyrillic  characters,  try  ISO-IR-111,  or  KOI8-U
       (Ukrainian  Character  Set),  or  KOI8-C  (for  ancient  Russian texts)
       instead, which are identical to KOI8-R in the Russian Cyrillic  letters

       A  more  complete  set  of  Cyrillic  characters is also defined by the
       ISO-8859-5 character set.

   KOI8-R Characters
       The following table  displays  the  characters  in  KOI8-R,  which  are
       printable and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual page.

       Oct   Dec   Hex    Char    Description
                                  FORMS LIGHT HORIZONTAL
       200   128 .nr03bot 0>?40