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       input-linux-mouse - Direct mouse input


       input-linux-mouse: [<mousetype>] [,<file>] [,[b<bauds>][r<rts>][d<dtr>]]


       This input opens a file (usually a device file or pipe) and reads mouse
       protocol data from it.


              Indicates what type of mouse is attached.  The  following  types
              are supported:

              ·   ms, Microsoft : Two button Microsoft compatible mice.

              ·   ms3,   IntelliMouse,   mman+   :   Serial   Intellimouse  or
                  compatible. Supports four buttons for mice like the Logitech

              ·   MouseSystems,  msc  :  MouseSystems compatible (used in most
                  3-button mice).

              ·   Logitech, logi :  Used in older Logitech serial mice.

              ·   mm, MMSeries :    MM series mice.

              ·   Sun : Sun mice. The protocol is the same as  ’msc’  protocol
                  except it used only 3 bytes per packet.

              ·   MouseMan, mman :  MouseMan protocol.

              ·   BusMouse, bm : Non-PS/2 busmice.

              ·   LinuxUSB,  lnxusb : IMPS2 that doesn’t choke on USB (no init

              ·   ps2, PS/2  :  PS/2  mice  (most  non-serial  mice  use  this

              ·   imps2,  IMPS/2  : PS/2 IntelliMouse and compatible (not USB,
                  see lnxusb for that.)

              ·   mmanps2, MouseManPlusPS/2  :  PS/2  Logitech  MouseMan+  and

              Most  of  the strings supported by GPM, SVGAlib and XFree can be
              specified.  If you find one that isn’t, please report.

              The  special  value  auto  tells   input-linux-mouse   to   read
              ~/.ggi/input/linux-mouse,      and      if      that      fails,
              $sysconfdir/ggi/input/linux-mouse.  If none of the two files are
              found,  input-linux-mouse tries to auto-detect the mouse, and as
              a  last  resort  uses  the  mouse   information   specified   in

       file   The   file  to  read  mouse  protocol  data  from;  defaults  to

       baud   Baud rate of mouse device.

       rts    Turns off RTS if set to 0; turns RTS  on  if  set  to  a  number
              greater than 0.

       dtr    Turns  off  DTR  if  set  to  0; turns DTR on if set to a number
              greater than 0.


       ·   Generates evPtr* events.


       ~/.ggi/input/linux-mouse and $sysconfdir/ggi/input/linux-mouse consists
       of the following entries:

       mouse mousetype
       mdev file

       where  mousetype  and  file  has  the  same semantics as the invocation
       options of the same names.