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       gsminfo - GSM general information


       gsmlib  is  a library to access GSM mobile phones through GSM modems or
       via IrDA devices. In the gsmlib documentation and  error  messages  the
       following abbreviations are used:

       ME     Mobile Equipment. The mobile phone, usually.

       SC     Service Centre. In the context of this documentation, the center
              responsible for sending and relaying SMs.

       SM     Short Message.

       SME    Short Message Equipment. Usually the mobile phone.

       TA     Terminal Adapter. This can be a GSM modem PC card or it  can  be
              integrated into the ME.

       TE     Terminal  Equipment.  This  is  the  device  to  which the TA is
              connected, usually the computer.


       Peter Hofmann <>


       Copyright © 1999 Peter Hofmann


       gsmctl(1), gsmpb(1), gsmsendsms(1), gsmsmsd(8), gsmsmsstore(1).