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       display-trueemu - Emulate truecolor modes


       display-trueemu : [-parent=<mode>] [-dither=<dither>]
                         [-model=<model>] <target-spec>


       Emulates  truecolor  modes  (GT_TRUECOLOR)  on another target which can
       only do palette modes or truecolor  modes  of  different  sizes/depths.
       Uses  dithering  and  special  palettes  to  get  the  highest possible


              Force the parent target to use a specific mode, specified  as  a
              standard LibGGI mode string (see libggi(7)).

              Specifies the amount of dithering.  Legal values are 0, 2 and 4,
              defaulting to 4. When the target is running, Ctrl-Alt-d  changes
              the dithering level.

              Color  model to use (only when the parent is palettized).  Legal
              values are rgb, cube and pastel.  Default depends on the  parent
              mode. When the target is running, Ctrl-Alt-p changes the current
              color model.

              Specifies the target which to draw on (the parent target).  This
              defaults  to  automatic selection (just like using ggiOpen(NULL)
              when GGI_DISPLAY is not set).


       ·   DirectBuffer never supported.

       ·   Unaccelerated.