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       CHECKPOINT - force a transaction log checkpoint




       Write-Ahead  Logging  (WAL)  puts  a  checkpoint in the transaction log
       every so often. (To adjust the automatic checkpoint interval,  see  the
       run-time      configuration     options     checkpoint_segments     and
       checkpoint_timeout.)  The  CHECKPOINT  command  forces   an   immediate
       checkpoint  when the command is issued, without waiting for a scheduled

       A checkpoint is a point in the transaction log sequence  at  which  all
       data files have been updated to reflect the information in the log. All
       data files will be flushed to disk. Refer to in the  documentation  for
       more information about the WAL system.

       Only  superusers  can  call CHECKPOINT. The command is not intended for
       use during normal operation.


       The CHECKPOINT command is a PostgreSQL language extension.