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       cenv - cWnn Environment Operation Functions.


       The   followings   are  the  operation  functions  available  in  every
       environment.  The user  may  update  his  environment  by  using  these
       functions.  For example, he may need to add another dictionary, or need
       to change the values for certain conversion parameter.

       When function key PF6 is pressed, a menu will be displayed.   Move  the
       cursor  to  the  particular  option  and  press  the  return  key.  The
       corresponding function will then be carried out.


       1.     Add dictionary
              To add a dictionary to the current environment.

       2.     View dictionary
              To view all the dictionaries in the current environment, as well
              as their current states.

       3.     Word/Character add
              To add a word into a dynamic dictionary.

       4.     Word/Character search
              To  check if a word/character exists in the dictionary under the
              current environment. If it exists,  the  system  will  show  the
              information of word/character.

       5.     Parameter update
              To  enquire  or  change  the  parameters  for  the  Pinyin-Hanzi
              conversion under the current environment.
              Different environments will have different parameters.

       6.     Save usage frequency
              Save  all  the  usage  frequency   files   under   the   current

       7.     Dictionary information
              To inquire the information of the dictionaries under the current
              environment.  For example the dictionary name, type and priority

       8.     Grammar change
              To change the grammar file used in the environment.

       9.     Exit
              To exit the environment operation function.


       PF6 is the default  keyboard definition in cWnn, it may be redefined.

                                  13 May 1992