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       calf - a audio plugin library


       calfjackhost plugin !  [ plugin !  ] [...]


        The  Calf  project aims at providing a set of high quality open source
       audio plugins for musicians, possibly in many different plugin formats,
       so that they can be used in as many hosts as possible and in standalone
       mode.  Currently available plugins:

           * Flanger with linear interpolation.  In  case  "zipper  noise"  of
       basic flanger effects was driving you mad, use this one!
           *  Simple  reverb with basic controls and relatively neutral sound.
       No dreaded metal barrel sound, at expense of higher CPU  use  and  less
       time density.
           *  Multimode  filter (selectable 12dB/24dB/36dB rolloff, lowpass or
       highpass) with inertia/smoothing for cutoff  for  more  "analog"  sound
       when tweaking.
           *  Vintage delay - in other words, a very simple simulation of tape
       echo, with a filter in a feedback loop.
           * Simple  monophonic  synthesizer  with  2  oscillators,  multimode
       filter and an envelope.
           *   Optional:   electric   organ  synthesizer  and  rotary  speaker
       emulation, best used together (use "configure --enable-experimental" to
       enable them) The plugins are available in following formats:

           * LADSPA (all effect plugins)
           * DSSI (both synthesizers and effects), including DSSI GUI
           *  Standalone  JACK client application with GTK+-based GUI (new: it
       is possible to run several plugins simultaneously in one  JACK  client,
       and connect them in chains using standard JACK facilities)
           *  LV2  (experimental,  SVN  only, some features may not work, host
       support for several features may vary)


        How to use Calf plugins:

        * LADSPA plugins

              Calf is installed as library in  your  LADSPA  directory
              (typically  /usr/lib/ladspa).  It means that typical LADSPA host
              should be able to find Calf's plugins.

        * DSSI plugins

              The  module  is  also  installed  in  your  DSSI  plugin
              directory,  which  means  your DSSI host (like jack-dssi-host or
              rosegarden) should find it and include its plugins in the plugin

        * JACK client application

              You   can  also  use  Calf  plugins  as  one  or  more  separate
              applications, connecting to other applications using JACK  Audio
              Connection  Kit (version 0.103 or newer is required). To run the
              client, type:

                      calfjackhost monosynth !

              (! means "connect", last "!" means "connect to output")

              Other examples:

                      calfjackhost monosynth ! vintagedelay ! flanger !

              (runs monosynth into vintagedelay and vintagedelay into flanger,
              then to output)

                      calfjackhost ! reverb !

              (takes  signal  from  system:capture_1  and  _2, puts it through
              reverb, and then sends to system:playback_1 and _2)


       LADSPA_PATH Path to LADSPA plugins.


       LV2  support  is  in  infant  stage.  Some  knobs   may   still   cause
       clicks/zipper noise. Plugin versions (especially LADSPA) have very poor
       usability  comparing  to  standalone  versions,  because  of   platform
       limitations.  In  case  of  other  bugs,  please  send  bug  reports to
       <>, they will be fixed in order of importance.




       Krzysztof Foltman. Man page  by  Hermann  Meyer,  edited  by  Krzysztof