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       blosxom - A lightweight yet feature-packed weblog


       blosxom is a simple web log (blog) CGI script written in perl.


       Blosxom  (pronounced  "blossom")  is  a  lightweight yet feature-packed
       weblog  application  designed  from  the  ground  up  with  simplicity,
       usability, and interoperability in mind.

       Fundamental  is its reliance upon the file system, folders and files as
       its content database. Blosxom’s weblog entries  are  plain  text  files
       like any other. Write from the comfort of your favorite text editor and
       hit the Save button. Create, edit, rename, and delete  entries  on  the
       command-line,  via  FTP,  WebDAV,  or  anything  else  you might use to
       manipulate your files. There’s no import or export; entries are nothing
       more  complex  than  title  on  the  first  line, body being everything

       Despite its tiny footprint, Blosxom doesn’t skimp on features, sporting
       the   majority   of  features  one  would  find  in  any  other  Weblog

       Blosxom is simple, straightforward, minimalist Perl affording even  the
       dabbler an opportunity for experimentation and customization. And last,
       but not least, Blosxom is open source  and  free  for  the  taking  and


       Write  a weblog entry, and place it into the main data directory. Place
       the the title is on the first line; the body is everything  afterwards.
       For example, create a file named first.txt and put in it something like

         First Blosxom Post!

         I have successfully installed blosxom on this system.  For more
         information on blosxom, see the author’s <a
         href="">blosxom site</a>.

       Place the file in the directory under the $datadir points to.  Be  sure
       to  change  the  default location to be somewhere accessable by the web
       server that runs blosxom as a CGI  program.  On  Debian  systems,  this
       location default to /var/lib/blosxom/data.


       Configuration  of  the  blosxom can be controlled via the configuration
       file /etc/blosxom/blosxom.conf.  Some  of  the  possible  configuration
       variables are:

              Title of this blog. (default: "Blosxom")

              Description  of  the blog used for RSS generation. (default "Yet
              another Blosxom blog")

              This  blog’s  primary  language  used  for  outgoing  RSS  feed.
              (default "en")

              Where   are  this  blog’s  entries  kept?  (default  on  Debian:

       $url   Preferred base URL for this blog  (leave  blank  for  automatic)
              (default: "")

              Preferred  ending  of  blog  entry files (default: "txt"). Other
              files are ignored.

              Blog  style  can  be  controlled  via  templates,  or  flavours.
              (default: "html").


       /usr/lib/cgi-bin/blosxom the CGI script
       /etc/blosxom/blosxom.conf the configuration on Debian systems


       Rael   Dornfest   is  the  author  of  blosxom  <>  See and for more information.

       This  manual page was written by Marc Nozell <> and Dirk
       Eddelbuettel <> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution but
       may be used by others.