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       XConsortium - X Consortium information


       Releases  6.0  through 6.3 of X Version 11 were brought to you by the X
       Consortium, Inc.


       The X Consortium was an independent, not-for-profit Delaware membership
       corporation.   It  was  formed  in  1993  as the successor to the MIT X
       Consortium.  The  purpose  of  the  X  Consortium  was  to  foster  the
       development,  evolution,  and  maintenance  of  the  X Window System, a
       comprehensive  set  of  vendor-neutral,  system-architecture   neutral,
       network-transparent windowing and user interface standards.

       The  X  Window System was created in the mid-1980s at the Massachusetts
       Institute  of  Technology.   In  1988,  MIT  formed   a   member-funded
       consortium  to  provide  the  technical  and  administrative leadership
       necessary to support further development of the X  Window  System.   In
       1992,  MIT and the membership decided it was in their best interests to
       move the consortium out of MIT and create an  independent,  stand-alone
       organization.   All  rights to the X Window System were assigned by MIT
       to X Consortium, Inc. on January 1, 1994.  X  Consortium,  Inc.  closed
       its doors on December 31, 1996.  All rights to the X Window System have
       been assigned to the Open Software Foundation.

       The X Consortium was  financially  self-supporting  through  membership
       fees.   There  are  no license fees associated with the use of X Window
       System standards and code developed by the X Consortium.  Membership in
       the  X  Consortium  was  open  to any organization willing to execute a
       membership agreement.

       The X  Consortium  was  a  highly  participative  body.   Members  were
       encouraged  to  actively  cooperate with the staff and other members in
       the design and review of proposed specifications, and  in  the  design,
       coding and testing of sample implementations of those specifications.

       The  X  Consortium  accomplished most of its work using electronic mail
       over the Internet, with individual mailing lists  for  working  groups.
       Internet  electronic  mail connectivity was viewed as a requirement for
       useful participation in X Consortium activities.  Meetings were held as
       necessary,  often  in  conjunction  with industry conferences and trade


       Bob Scheifler

       Office Manager:
       Janet O’Halloran

       Director of Marketing:
       Paul Lavallee

       Director of Engineering:
       Jim Fournier

       Manager, X Window System:
       Matt Landau, emeritus

       Technical Director, X Window System:
       Ralph Swick

       Technical Staff, X Window System:

       Donna Converse, emeritus
       Stephen Gildea, emeritus
       Kaleb Keithley
       Arnaud Le Hors
       Ralph Mor, emeritus
       Ray Tice
       Dave Wiggins, emeritus

       Managers, CDE Development:
       Giora Guth
       Peter Bohnert, emeritus

       Manager, CDE Quality Engineering:
       David Brooks

       CDE Architects:
       Kevin Samborn
       Daniel Dardailler, emeritus

       Technical Staff, CDE Development:

       Art Barstow
       Pascale Dardailler
       David Kaelbling
       Mitch Greess
       Robert Seacord

       Technical Staff, CDE Quality Engineering:

       Chris Burleson
       Tom Cavin
       Sami Mohammed
       Mark Schuldenfrei

       Manager, Systems Administration:
       Kevin Ethier

       Technical Staff, Systems Administration:
       Mike Donati
       Amy Rich, emeritus
       Anne Salemme


       The X Consortium’s  activities  and  affairs  were  managed  under  the
       direction  and  oversight  of a Board of Directors, elected annually by
       the Members.  The Board was responsible for reviewing the  achievements
       of  the  Consortium, approving planned work, appointing a President and
       other officers of the Consortium, and  setting  membership  dues.   The
       last Directors were:

       Robert W. Scheifler, President, X Consortium
       Dr. Forest Baskett, Senior VP of R&D, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
       Harold D. Blair, Apogee International Corp.
       Roger S. Gourd, Gourd & Associates
       Dr. Robin Hillyard, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Novasoft Systems
       Don McGovern, General Operations Manager and Executive Dir., Hewlett Packard
       Peter J. Shaw, Senior VP, NetManage
       Michael Tobias, President, Tech-Source, Inc.


       To  reach  the  X Consortium public Wide World Web server, use the URL:

       To reach the X Consortium public ftp machine,  use  anonymous  ftp  to:


       Adobe Systems Inc.
       Cray Research, Inc.
       Digital Equipment Corp.
       Fujitsu Limited
       Hewlett-Packard Company
       Hitachi Ltd.
       IBM Corporation
       Megatek Corp.
       Motorola, Inc.
       NEC Corporation
       Novell, Inc.
       Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
       OMRON Corporation
       SCO, Inc.
       Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG
       Silicon Graphics, Inc.
       Sony Corporation
       Sun Microsystems, Inc.
       Tektronix, Inc.


       Boundless Technologies
       Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
       Insignia Solutions, Ltd.
       Mercury Interactive Corp.
       NetManage, Inc.
       Network Computing Devices
       VisiCom Laboratories, Inc.
       Walker Richer & Quinn, Inc.


       Hughes Aircraft Company


       ASTEC, Inc.
       BARCO Chromatics, Inc.
       CenterLine Software, Inc.
       CliniComp, Intl.
       Component Integration Laboratories, Inc.
       Draper Laboratory.
       Electronic Book Technologies, Inc.
       Gallium Software, Inc.
       Georgia Institiute of Technology
       Human Designed Systems, Inc.
       INRIA - Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
       Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
       Investment Management Services, Inc.
       Jupiter Systems
       KL Group Inc.
       Massachusetts Institute of Technology
       Metheus Corporation
       Metro Link, Inc.
       Object Management Group, Inc.
       Open Software Foundation
       Performance Awareness Corp.
       Peritek Corp.
       Petrotechnical Open Software Corp.
       Point Technologies, Inc.
       Shiman Associates, Inc.
       Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
       Software Development Corp.
       SOUM Corporation
       Spectragraphics Corp.
       Tech-Source, Inc.
       TriTeal Corp.
       White Pine Software, Inc.
       World Wide Web Consortium.
       The XFree86 Project, Inc.
       X Inside, Inc.