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       STORE  TRIGGER  -  Indicate  that  a  trigger should not be disabled by
       Slony-I on a subscriber node


       STORE TRIGGER (options);


       By default, all user defined triggers and constraints are  disabled  on
       all  subscriber  nodes while a table is replicated. This command can be
       used to explicitly exclude a trigger from being disabled.

       TABLE ID = ival
              The unique, numeric ID  number  of  the  table  the  trigger  is
              defined for.

       TRIGGER NAME = ’string’
              The  name  of the trigger as it appears in the pg_trigger system

       EVENT NODE = ival
              (Optional) The ID of the node used to create  the  configuration
              event  that  tells all existing nodes about the special trigger.
              Default value is 1.

              A nifty trick is that you  can  run  STORE  TRIGGER  before  the
              trigger  is installed; that will not cause any errors. You could
              thus  add  Slony-I’s  handling  of  the  trigger  before  it  is
              installed.  That allows you to be certain that it becomes active
              on all  nodes  immediately  upon  its  installation  via  SLONIK
              EXECUTE SCRIPT(7); there is no risk of events getting through in
              between the EXECUTE SCRIPT and STORE TRIGGER events.

       This uses “schemadocstoretrigger( integer, name )” [not available as  a
       man page].


           TABLE ID = 2,
           TRIGGER NAME = ’cache_invalidation’


       This  operation will need to acquire an exclusive lock on the specified
       table on each node to which it applies in order to alter table  schemas
       to add back the trigger, but (hopefully!) only briefly.


       This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0

       In  Slony-I  version  2.0,  this command is removed as obsolete because
       triggers are no longer ‘messed around with’ in the system catalogue.

                                  12 May 2010          SLONIK STORE TRIGGER(7)