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       CLUSTER NAME - preamble - identifying Slony-I cluster


       CLUSTER NAME = [clustername;]


       Must be the very first statement in every slonik script. It defines the
       namespace in which all Slony-I specific functions,  procedures,  tables
       and sequences are defined. The namespace name is built by prefixing the
       given string  literal  with  an  underscore.  This  namespace  will  be
       identical  in  all  databases  that participate in the same replication

       No user objects are  supposed  to  live  in  this  namespace,  and  the
       namespace  is  not  allowed  to exist prior to adding a database to the
       replication system. Thus, if you add a new node using pg_dump -s  on  a
       database  that  is  already in the cluster of replicated databases, you
       will need to drop  the  namespace  via  the  SQL  command  DROP  SCHEMA
       _testcluster CASCADE; .


            CLUSTER NAME = testcluster;


       This command was introduced in Slony-I 1.0

                                  12 May 2010           SLONIK CLUSTER NAME(7)