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       xtserv - server for a synchronous multiplayer tetris


       xtserv  [  -help  ]  [  -once  ]  [  -daemon  ] [ -v ] [ -norestart ] [
       -nospeedup ] [ -p port ]


              Makes xtserv detach from its controlling terminal,  fork  twice,
              close  all its file descriptors and change the current directory
              to ’/’.  Useful to start xtserv via rsh or from scripts.

       -help  Prints  out  a  summary  of  the  command-line  options   xtserv

       -once  With  this  option,  xtserv  will  exit  after  all clients have

       -v     Sets verbose mode: xtserv  will  print  information  on  clients
              connecting,  disconnecting,  starting  games, sending each other
              lines, losing, etc.

              With this option, xtserv will not start  a  new  game  when  all
              players  but  one have lost.  The players will have to press the
              ’play’ button themselves to start.

              With this option, xtserv will  not  automatically  increase  the
              game  speed  every  time  some user’s number of lines is greater
              than 10 x the current level.

       -p     Specifies a port for xtserv to use.  The default is 19503.


       xtserv is the server for the synchronous multi-user version of  Tetris,

       xtserv listens for connections on a TCP port, keeps an internal list of
       connected clients, and broadcasts information among clients  to  manage
       starting  the  game, setting the level and mode, as well as seeing each
       other’s screens.

       xtserv is started automatically by xtris, with the option  ’-once’,  if
       xtris  does not find an xtserv running on localhost, and no server host
       has been specified.

       xtserv will automatically restart a game when the  one-but-last  player
       has  lost,  unless  started  with  the  option -norestart.  It will not
       automatically restart a game if the user is playing alone.

       xtserv will also drop all bots when there are only  bots  left  in  the

       The  server  can  handle  clients  exiting,  being killed or losing the
       connection even in the middle of a game.

       Killing an xtserv will cause all connected clients to exit.


       xtris(6), xtbot(6)


       None known; please report any bugs to the author.


       xtserv was written by Roger Espel Llima  <>.