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       xpilot-ng-replay - Playback an XPilot session.


       xpilot-ng-replay [options] filename


              If  filename  is  a  dash  - then standard input is used.  Valid
              options are:

       -scale "factor"

              Set the scale reduction factor  for  saving  operations.   Valid
              scale factors are in the range [0.01 - 1.0].

       -linewidth "width"

              use a fixed linewidth "width" for drawing all lines

       -gamma "factor"

              Set  the  gamma  correction  factor  when  saving scaled frames.
              Valid gamma correction factors are in the range [0.1 - 10].


              Save frames compressed using the "compress" program.

       -fps "value", -FPS "value"

              Set the  number  of  frames  per  second  used  for  replay  and


              Start playing immediately.


              Loop after playing.





              In addition to the pushbuttons you can use the following keys:

       f      -  move forwards to the next frame.

       b      -  move backwards to the next frame.

       z      -  move backwards to the first frame.

       [      -  mark the current frame as the first frame to be saved.

       ]      -  mark the current frame as the last frame to be saved.

       *      -  save the marked frames in PPM format.

              WARNING: saving many frames takes HUGE amounts of diskspace!

       &      -  save the marked frames in XPilot Recording format.

       q      -  quit the program.