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       xoids - X Window Asteroids style game




       Xoids  is an Asteroids style game which uses full color pixmaps instead
       of vector-style graphics.

       The main features of the game are:

       Full color

       One or two players

       Two player game is either against each other or cooperative

       You can bounce off of asteroids if you are moving slow enough

       Shots impart inertia on your ship

       Shots have relative speed

       Asteroids have appropriate masses (realistic physics)

       The alien (called  the  Slurb)  tracks  players  instead  of  wandering

       Thrusting and using hyperspace can overheat your engines


       After  the game initializes, you will see a main menu, from which there
       are several options.  Currently, the only Main Menu Option which  drops
       you into a sub-menu is the Options menu.  At this time, the only option
       available is Game Speed.  To adjust game speed, select Options from the
       main  menu  and  then  use  the left and right arrow keys to adjust the
       speed.  The maximum is 100%, and 50% seems to work well on a Pentium 75
       machine with an S3 graphics card running Linux.  Experiment.


       Q            This  can  be pressed by either player and it causes Xoids
                    to quit.

       P            Pause the game.

       ESC          Exit to the Main Menu.

       +            Increase clock speed.

       -            Decrease clock speed.


       The following keyboard keys are used to control the ship(s).

       UP ARROW     Activate player ONE’s thrust.

       LEFT ARROW   Turn player ONE’s ship to the left.

       RIGHT ARROW  Turn player ONE’s ship to the right.

       RIGHT SHIFT  Fire player ONE’s weapon.

       RETURN       Cause Player ONE to go into hyperspace (disappear and then
                    appear in a different location).

       F            Activate player TWO’s thrust.

       C            Turn player TWO’s ship to the left.

       B            Turn player TWO’s ship to the right.

       LEFT SHIFT   Fire player TWO’s weapon.

       SPACE        Cause Player TWO to go into hyperspace (disappear and then
                    appear in a different location).


       Five ships are allotted at the  beginning  of  the  game.   Blast  away
       asteroids and Slurbs until you are dead.


       Points  are  decremented for dying, but there are unlimited lives.  The
       first player to reach 20,000 points wins.


       The players’ ships are linked  via  an  elastic  cable  and  there  are
       unlimited lives.  Still, like Two Player Duel mode, the first player to
       20,000 points wins, which means the game may turn out more  competitive
       than cooperative, but hey...

       The  second  player uses ’C’ for ’turn left’, ’B’ for ’turn right’, ’F’
       for thrust, left SHIFT for ’Fire’, and SPACE for hyperspace.


       Xoids currently takes no command line options,  however,  there  is  an
       Options menu available within the game.


       There  is a problem with window refresh after deiconification.  Running
       xoids currently causes X Windows autorepeat to die.  Use ’xset r on’ to
       turn autorepeat back on.


       Xoids is Copyright (C) 1996 by Tim Ebling


       Tim Ebling,

                                 25 June 1996