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       xmame - THE Arcade game machine emulator for UNIX/X


       xmame.{x11,svga,xgl,sdl} [options] [rom]


       xmame  is  the  (M)ulti  (A)rcade  (M)achine  (E)mulator  for Unix.  It
       emulates the hardware of many classic arcade game machines.

       MAME is  an  arcade  machine  emulator.   Started  in  1997  by  Nicola
       Salmoria,  MAME  started  out  as  a series of emulators for individual
       games.  This series of emulators was combined into a single  multi-game
       emulator.   This is the current form of MAME; no longer a one-man show,
       there are over 100 contributors to the project.


   Digital sound related
       -dp plugin, -dsp-plugin plugin
              Select which plugin to use for digital sound.

       -ldp, -list-dsp-plugins
              List available sound-dsp plugins.

       -[no]ti, -[no]timer
              Toggle timer based audio (normally it will be used automatically
              when necessary).

   Sound mixer related
       -smp plugin, -sound-mixer-plugin plugin
              Select which plugin to use for the sound mixer.

       -lmp, -list-mixer-plugins
              List available sound-mixer plugins.

   Video related
       -b depth, -bpp depth
              Specify the colordepth the core should render, one of: 0 (auto),
              8, 16.

       -ah height, -arbheight depth
              Scale video to exactly this height (0 = disable).

       -heightscale yaspect, -hs yaspect
              Set Y-Scale aspect ratio.

       -ws xaspect, -widthscale xaspect
              Set X-Scale aspect ratio.

       -s scale, -scale scale
              Set X-Y Scale to the same aspect ratio.  For vector games  scale
              (and  also width- and height-scale) may have values like 1.5 and
              even 0.5.  For scaling of regular games this will be rounded  to
              an integer value.

       -ef effect, -effect effect
              Video effect:

              0  none (default)

              1  scale2x (smooth scaling effect)

              2  scan2 (light scanlines)

              3  rgbstripe (3x2 rgb vertical stripes)

              4  rgbscan (2x3 rgb horizontal scanlines)

              5  scan3 (3x3 deluxe scanlines)

       -[no]adb, -[no]autodouble
              Enable/disable  automatic  scale  doubling  for 1:2 pixel aspect
              ratio games.

       -[no]sl, -[no]scanlines
              Enable/disable displaying simulated scanlines.

       -[no]art, -[no]artwork
              Use additional game artwork (sets default for  specific  options

       -[no]backdrop, -[no]use_backdrops
              Use backdrop artwork.

       -[no]overlay, -[no]use_overlays
              Use overlay artwork.

       -[no]bezel, -[no]use_bezels
              Use bezel artwork.

       -[no]artcrop, -[no]artwork_crop
              Crop artwork to game screen only.

       -artres res, -artwork_resolution res
              Artwork resolution (0 for auto)

       -fsr skip, -frameskipper skip
              Select   which  autoframeskip  and  throttle  routines  to  use.
              Available choices are:

              0  DOS frameskip code

              1  Enhanced frameskip code by William A. Barath

       -[no]th, -[no]throttle
              Enable/disable throttle.

       -ftr frames, -frames_to_run frames
              Sets the number of frames to run within the game.

       -[no]si, -[no]sleepidle
              Enable/disable sleep during idle.

       -[no]afs, -[no]autoframeskip
              Enable/disable autoframeskip.

       -mafs maxskip, -maxautoframeskip maxskip
              Set highest allowed frameskip for autoframeskip.

       -fs skip, -frameskip skip
              Set frameskip when not using autoframeskip.

       -brt brightness, -brightness brightness
              Set the brightness correction (0.5 - 2.0).

       -pb pause, -pause_brightness pause
              Additional pause brightness (float).

       -gc gamma, -gamma gamma
              Set the gamma correction (0.5 - 2.0).

       -[no]nr, -[no]norotate
              Do not apply rotation.

       -[no]rr, -[no]ror
              Rotate screen clockwise.

       -[no]rl, -[no]rol
              Rotate screen counter-clockwise.

              Automatically rotate screen clockwise for vertical games.

              Automatically  rotate  screen  counter-clockwise  for   vertical

       -[no]fx, -[no]flipx
              Flip screen left-right.

       -[no]fy, -[no]flipy
              Flip screen upside-down.

   Vector related
       -vres vres, -vectorres vres
              Always  scale  vectorgames  to  XresxYres,  keeping their aspect
              ratio.  This overrides the scale options.

       -B beam, -beam beam
              Set the beam size for vector games (float).

       -f flicker, -flicker flicker
              Set the flicker size for vector games (float).

       -intensity intensity
              Set intensity in vector games (float).

       -[no]aa, -[no]antialias
              Enable/disable antialiasing.

       -[no]t, -[no]translucency
              Enable/disable translucency.

   X11 related
       -x11 mode, -x11-mode
              Select x11 video mode (if compiled in).

              0  Normal window (hotkey left-alt + insert)

              1  Fullscreen DGA (hotkey left-alt + home)

              2  Windowed Xv

              3  Fullscreen Xv

   X11-window related
       -[no]cu, -[no]cursor
              Show/don’t show the cursor.

       -[no]ms, -[no]mitshm
              Use/don’t use the MIT shared memory extension (if available  and
              compiled in).

              Start in fullscreen mode.

              Force YUV mode (for video cards with broken RGB hwscales).

              Force YV12 mode (for video cards with broken RGB hwscales).

       -[no]xs, -[no]xsync
              Use/don’t  use XSync instead of XFlush as screen refresh method.

       -[no]p, -[no]privatecmap
              Enable/disable use of private color map.

       -[no]x, -[no]xil
              Enable/disable use of XIL for scaling (if available and compiled

       -[no]mtx, -[no]mtxil
              Enable/disable multi threading of XIL.

       -[no]root, -[no]run-in-root-window
              Enable/disable running in root window.

       -rid window, -root_window_id window
              Create  the  xmame-window  in  an  alternate root-window, mostly
              useful for frontends.

       -geometry location, -geo location
              Specify the location of the window (string).

   Video mode selection related
       -[no]ka, -[no]keepaspect
              Try / don’t try  to  keep  the  aspect  ratio  of  a  game  when
              selecting the best videomode.

       -dar ratio, -displayaspectratio ratio
              Set  the  display aspect ratio of your monitor (float).  This is
              used for -keepaspect.  The default  is  1.33  (4/3).   Use  0.75
              (3/4) for a portrait monitor.

       -dm disable, -disablemode disable
              Don’t  use  mode  XRESxYRESxDEPTH.   This can be used to disable
              specific video modes which  don’t  work  on  your  system.   The
              xDEPTH  part of the string is optional.  This option may be used
              more then once

   X11-input related
       -[no]gm, -[no]grabmouse
              Enable/disable mouse grabbing (also alt + pagedown).

       -[no]gkb, -[no]grabkeyboard
              Enable/disable keyboard grabbing (also alt + pageup).

       -[no]wk, -[no]winkeys
              Enable/disable mapping of Windows keys under X.

       -mk keymap, -mapkey keymap
              Set a specific key mapping, see xmamerc.dist.

   Sound related
       -[no]snd, -[no]sound
              Enable/disable sound (if available).

       -[no]sam, -[no]samples
              Use/don’t use samples (if available).

       -fsnd, -fakesound
              Generate sound even when sound is disabled. This is  needed  for
              some games which won’t run without sound.

       -sf freq, -samplefreq freq
              Set the playback sample-frequency/rate.

       -bs buffer, -bufsize buffer
              Number of frames of sound to buffer (float).

       -v volume, -volume volume
              Specify audio attenuation in dB (-32 (soft) - 0 (loud)).

       -ad device, -audiodevice device
              Use an alternative audiodevice.

       -md mixer, -mixerdevice mixer
              Use an alternative mixerdevice.

   Input related
       -jt joy, -joytype joy
              Select type of joystick support to use:

              0  No joystick

              1  Standard joystick

              2  FM Towns pad

              3  NetBSD/FreeBSD USB joystick

              4  PS2-Linux native pad

              5  SDL joystick

       -[no]as, -[no]analogstick
              Use joystick as analog for analog controls.

       -jdev device, -joydevname device
              Joystick device prefix (defaults to /dev/js).

       -[no]m, -[no]mouse
              Enable/disable mouse (if supported).

              Enable/disable UGCI(tm) Coin/Play support.

       -[no]pspad, -[no]usbpspad
              Enable/disable USB PS Game Pad joystick support.

       -[no]rapidf, -[no]rapidfire
              Enable/disable rapid-fire support for joysticks.

       -ctrlr controller
              Preconfigure  for  specified controller, e.g., HotRod, HotRodSE,
              SlikStik, XArcade.

   File I/O related
       -rp rompath, -rompath rompath
              Search path for ROM files.

       -sp samplepath, -samplepath samplepath
              Search path for sample files.

       -inipath inipath
              Search path for ini files.

       -cfg_directory cfgpath
              Directory to save configurations.

       -nvram_directory nvrampath
              Directory to save nvram contents.

       -memcard_directory memcardpath
              Directory to save memory card contents.

       -input_directory inputpath
              Directory to save input device logs.

       -hiscore_directory hipath
              Directory to save hiscores.

       -state_directory statepath
              Directory to save states.

       -artwork_directory artpath
              Directory for artwork (overlays etc.)

       -snapshot_directory screenshotpath
              Directory for screenshots (PNG format).

       -diff_directory diffpath
              Directory for hard drive image difference files.

       -ctrlr_directory controllerpath
              Directory to save controller definitions.

       -cheat_file cheatfile
              Cheat filename.

       -hiscore_file hifile

       -history_file historyfile

       -mameinfo_file mameinfofile

       -rec keyfile, -record keyfile
              Set a file to record keypresses into.

       -pb playfile, -playback playfile
              Set a file to playback keypresses from.

       -out stdout, -stdout-file stdout
              Set a file to redirect stdout to

       -err stderr, -stderr-file stderr
              Set a file to redirect stderr to.

       -L logfile, -log logfile
              Set a file to log debug info to.

   MAME related
       -def defaultgame, -defaultgame defaultgame
              Set the default game started  when  no  game  is  given  on  the
              commandline, only useful for the config files.

       -lang language, -language language
              Select the language for the menus and OSD.

       -[no]fc, -[no]fuzzycmp
              Enable/disable  use  of fuzzy gamename matching when there is no
              exact match.

       -[no]c, -[no]cheat
              Enable/disable cheat subsystem.

              Skip displaying the disclaimer screen.

              Skip displaying the game info screen.

              Use only CRC for all integrity checks.

       -bios bios
              Change system bios (int).

   Frontend related
       -l, -list
              List supported games matching gamename,  or  all,  gamename  may
              contain * and ?  wildcards.

       -lf, -listfull
              Like -list, with full description.

       -lg, -listgames
              Like -list, with manufacturer and year.

       -ld, -listdetails
              Like -list, with detailed info.

       -lgl, -listgamelist
              Like  -list,  with specially formatted extra info for generating

       -lsf, -listsourcefile
              Like -list, with driver sourcefile.

       -lcol, -listcolors
              Like -list, with the number of colors used.

       -lrs, -listromsize
              Like -list, with the year and size of the ROMs used.

       -lps, -listpalettesize
              Like -list, with the year and palette size of the roms used.

       -lr, -listroms
              Like -list, but lists used ROMs.

       -lcrc, -listcrc
              Like -list, but lists used ROMs with CRC-32s.

       -lsha1, -listsha1
              Like -list, but lists used ROMs with SHA-1s.

       -lmd5, -listmd5
              Like -list, but lists used ROMs with MD5s.

       -ls, -listsamples
              Like -list, but lists used audio samples.

       -lsd, -listsamdir
              Like -list, but lists dir where samples are taken from.

       -vr, -verifyroms
              Verify ROMs for games matching gamename, or  all,  gamename  may
              contain * and ?  wildcards.

       -vrs, -verifyromsets
              Like -verifyromsP, but less verbose.

       -vs, -verifysamples
              Like -verifyroms but verify audio samples instead.

       -vss, -verifysamplesets
              Like -verifysamplesP, but less verbose

       -[no]cl, -[no]clones
              Show / don’t show bootlegs/clones in the above list commands.

       -lcl, -listclones
              Like -list, but lists the clones of the specified game.

       -li, -listinfo
              List all available info on drivers.

       -lc, -listcpu
              List CPU usage statics per year.

   Internal verification list commands (only for developers)
       -ldc, -listdupcrc
              Like -list, but lists ROMs with identical CRC.

       -lwo, -listwrongorientation
              Like  -list, but lists any games which use the orientation flags

       -lwm, -listwrongmerge
              Like -list, but lists any games which  use  the  clone_of  field

       -lwf, -listwrongfps
              Like -list, but lists any games which use the FPS field wrongly.

       -srtn, -sortname
              Sort ROMs by name.

       -srtd, -sortdriver
              Sort ROMs by driver name.

   ROM identification related
       -id, -ident
              Identify unknown ROM dump, or unknown ROM dumps in dir/zip.

       -ik, -isknown
              Check if romdump or romdumps in dir/zip are known.

   General options
       -[no]lcf, -[no]loadconfig
              Enable/disable loading of config files.

       -sc, -showconfig
              Display running parameters in rc style.

       -mh, -manhelp
              Print  commandline  help  in  man  format,  useful  for  manpage

       -V, -version
              Display version.

       -?, -help
              Show help.



       The main issue involves ROM images.  ROM images are protected under the
       copyrights of their authors, and CANNOT  be  distributed  in  the  same
       package  as  xmame.   Download  any  ROM  images  at  your own risk and


       Also, the xmame authors ask that you DO NOT distribute any  ROM  images
       with either source code or binaries of the xmame emulator.


       Config Files are parsed in the following order:

              Global configuration config file

              User configuration config file

              Global per display method config file

              User per display method config file

              Global per game config file

              User per game config file