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       xjump - a jumping game for X


       xjump [ -toolkitoption ] ... [ -private ] [ -graphic file ] [ -keymap ]
       xjump [ -help ]


       Xjump is a jumping game where you are in a Falling Tower. The floor you
       are  standing on is sinking with the rest of the building; you will die
       once the floor gives way (disappears under the bottom of the  display).
       To  survive,  you  have  to  jump  onto  the upper floors of the tower.
       Because the entire  tower  is  sinking,  the  upper  floors  will  soon
       collapse, too, so you have to keep on jumping to higher floors.

       Your  score  is  counted  by how many floors you jump before you either
       fall off while trying to reach the next floor, or  the  floor  you  are
       standing on collapses.


       -toolkitoption ...
              Specify X toolkit options (such as -geometry, -display, etc.).

              Use private colormap.

       -graphic FILE
              Use the XPM graphic file FILE for graphics.

              Read keymap directly.

       -help  Display a summary of command-line syntax.


       To begin the game, press the Space-bar from the highscore screen.

       Once  the  game  begins,  movement  is controlled by the Left and Right
       arrow keys. To jump, use the Up arrow key.

       Note that hitting the Left or Right arrow keys many  times  will  cause
       the  player to go faster. You can use this to reach floors that are far
       away.  But be careful not to jump too far and miss! You can also change
       your  speed  while  jumping  through  midair. If your reflexes are fast
       enough, you can salvage a bad jump this way. Good luck!

       To quit the game, press shift-Q.


        Copyright (C) 1997-1999
        Tatsuya Kudoh(CDR/TK) <>
        Masato Taruishi       <>

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  it  under
       the  terms  of  the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
       Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your  option)  any  later
       version without ANY WARRANTIES.


       xjump was written by Tatsuya Kudoh(CDR/TK) <>
       and Masato Taruishi <>.

       This manual page was written by H. S. Teoh <>, for the
       Debian  GNU/Linux system. The original game does not come with a manual